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Dielectric Materials for Electric Engineering

Edited by Juan Martinez-Vega, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France

ISBN: 9781848211650

Publication Date: February 2010   Hardback   608 pp.

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Part 1 is particularly concerned with physical properties, electrical ageing and modeling with topics such as the physics of charged dielectric materials, conduction mechanisms, dielectric relaxation, space charge, electric ageing and life end models and dielectric experimental characterization.
Part 2 concerns some applications specific to dielectric materials: insulating oils for transformers, electrorheological fluids, electrolytic capacitors, ionic membranes, photovoltaic conversion, dielectric thermal control coatings for geostationary satellites, plastics recycling and piezoelectric polymers.


Part 1: General physics phenomena
1. Physics of dielectrics, Guy Blaise and Daniel Treheux.
2. Physics of charged dielectrics: mobility and charge trapping, Guy Blaise and Daniel Treheux.
3. Conduction mechanisms and numerical modeling of transport in organic insulators: trends and
perspectives, Christian Laurent, Fulbert Baudoin, Gilbert Teyssedre and Séverine Le Roy.
4. Dielectric relaxation in polymeric materials, Colette Lacabanne, Philippe Demont, Eric Dantras and
Jérôme Menegotto.
5. Electrification, Gérard Touchard.
Part 2: Phenomena associated with environmental stress-ageing
6. Space charges: Definition, history, measurement, Alain Toureille, Serge Agnel, Jérôme Castellon and
Petru Notingher.
7. Dielectric materials under electron irradiation in a scanning electron microscope, Omar Jbara et al.
8. Precursory phenomena and dielectric breakdown of solids, Juan Martinez-Vega, Christian Mayoux
Nadine Lahoud and Laurent Boudou.
9. Models for ageing of electrical insulation: trends and perspectives, Juan Martinez-Vega,
Christian Mayoux, Nadine Lahoud and Laurent Boudou.
Part 3: Characterization methods and measurement
10. Response of an insulating material to an electric charge: measurement and modeling,
Philippe Molinié.
11. Pulsed Electroacoustic Method: evolution and development perspectives for space charge
measurement, Virginie Griseri.
12. FLIMM and FLAMM methods: localization of 3-D space charges at the micrometer scale,
Jean-Luc Franceschi, Anca Petre, Didier Marty-Dessus and Laurent Berquez.
13. Space charge measurement by the laser-induced pressure pulse technique, David Malec.
14. The Thermal Step Method for space charge measurements, Alain Toureille, Serge Agnel,
Jérôme Castellon and Petru Notingher.
15. Physico-chemical characterization techniques of dielectrics, Christine Mayoux, Christian Mayoux.
16. Insulating oils for transformers, Abderrahmane Beroual, Jean-Luc Bessede and
Christophe Perrier.
17. Electrorheological fluids, Jean-Numa Foulc.
18. Electrolytic capacitors, Pascal Venet.
19. Ion exchange membranes for low temperature fuel cells, Vicente Compañ Moreno,
Evaristo Riande Garcia.
20. Semiconducting organic materials for electroluminescent devices and photovoltaic conversion,
Pascale Jolinat, Isabelle Seguy.
21. Dielectric coatings for the thermal control of geostationary satellites: trends and problems,
Stéphanie Remaury.
22. Recycling of plastic materials, Pilar Martinez and Eva Verdejo.
23. Piezoelectric polymers and their applications, Alain Bernes.
24. Polymeric insulators in the electrical engineering industry: examples of applications, constraints
and perspectives, Jean-Luc Bessede.

About the Authors

Juan Martinez Vega: Born 1958, Materials Science PhD 1986 (ENSMA-Poitiers, France), Professor of Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France). He is author/co-author of more than 200 papers. Fields of interest: dielectric and mechanical properties of polymeric materials, ageing and end life models.


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