Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Decision Support

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Anicia Jaegler, KEDGE Business School, France.
Thierry Roques, KEDGE Business School, France.

ISBN : 9781786307422

Publication Date : October 2023

Hardcover 264 pp

165.00 USD



Supply chains are now more essential than ever to the functioning of our society; however their environmental and societal impacts are often subject to well-founded criticism.

Transforming a supply chain to make it more sustainable and responsible often requires a considerable amount of time and resources. The aim of this book is to present a number of simple best practices that can reduce these negative impacts and make supply chains more virtuous.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management is a handbook for supply chain transformation. It explores the different facets of the supply chain, from product design or procurement to logistics operations management and performance. It offers a guide to actions for sustainable supply chain transformation, providing elements of the legal framework for possible actions and tools for measuring the performance that can be achieved.


1. Eco-design.
2. Buying Sustainably and Responsibly.
3. Sustainable Management.
4. Sustainable Storage.
5. Packaging in a Sustainable Way.
6. Implementing Reverse Logistics.
7. Transporting in a Sustainable Way.
8. Certifying the Supply Chain.
9. Improving Performance.

About the authors/editors

Anicia Jaegler is Full Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Management at KEDGE Business School, France. In 2020, she received the second award at the Global Women Supply Chain Leaders in the category Supply Chain Academic Excellence.

Thierry Roques is Professor of Supply Chain Management at KEDGE Business School, France. He teaches freight transport, supply chain management, logistics and operations and his research areas cover SCM, sustainable SCM and logistics outsourcing.