Frugal Innovation and Innovative Creation

Volume 40 - Smart Innovation SET by Dimitri Uzunidis

Frugal Innovation and Innovative Creation

Paul Bouvier-Patron, CERGAM, France.

ISBN : 9781786306975

Publication Date : October 2023

Hardcover 358 pp

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Businesses and enterprises can no longer avoid the concern of their Natural Environmental impact, which calls into question their economic activities.

Frugal Innovation and Innovative Creation is at the crossroads of economics and management in business, particularly focused on innovative enterprises and their interactions with the Natural Environment. Navigating these interactions can be perceived by companies as a costly constraint, especially in an innovation process, which is already very expensive.

The aim of this book is therefore to highlight the need for a satisfactory technology level while innovating, without risking damage to the Natural Environment. The challenge here is to propose a form of frugal innovation that is likely to be successful, while also mindful of the environmental considerations from the outset, hence the concept of environmental frugal innovation.

Furthermore, by questioning the practice of innovative creation (especially if it integrates the ideas of respect for and preservation of the Natural Environment), this book reveals the importance of two key elements that are present regardless of the modality (the level of technology and organization): improvisation and bricolage.


1. Natural Environment, Positive Private Goods and Consequentism.
2. FabLab: Creation and Design through Technology?
3. Communitization of Technological Innovation: The Value and the Symbolic.
4. Technology and Symbolic Spectacle of Marking by Use.
5. Back to Common Sense: Towards Frugal Environmental Innovation (FEI).
6. From Environmental Innovation (EI) to Frugal Environmental Innovation (FEI).
7. Bricolage and Improvisation: Two Key Cogs of Innovative Creation.

About the authors/editors

Paul Bouvier-Patron is a lecturer and member of CERGAM, France. He is interested in the link between innovation management and sustainable development. His research focuses on the idea of an environmental frugal approach based on creativity, co-creation, improvisation and bricolage.