Geodynamics of the Alps 2

Pre-collisional Processes

SCIENCES - Dynamics of the Continental Lithosphere

Geodynamics of the Alps 2

Edited by

Claudio L. Rosenberg, ISTeP, Sorbonne Université, France
Nicolas Bellahsen, ISTeP, Sorbonne Université, France

ISBN : 9781789451177

Publication Date : June 2024

Hardcover 374 pp

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Geodynamics of the Alps consists of three volumes. This second volume presents the pre-collisional history of the Alps. It discusses the Variscan orogeny in the Alpine realm, the inferred paleo-geography, the structure and processes affecting continental margins and the mantle structure in the pre-orogenic Alpine realm. It concludes by describing oceanic and continental subduction processes.

The aim of this book is to create a space for experts on Alpine research to present the state of the art of specific subjects and provide their own interpretations.


1. Paleozoic Evolution and Variscan Inheritance in the Alps, Jean-Baptiste Jacob, Stéphane Guillot, Denis Thieblemont, Jonas Vanardois, Pierre Trap, Michel Faure and Didier Marquer.
2. Paleogeography and Architecture of the Alpine Tethys Margins, Yves Lagabrielle.
3. One View on the Petrology and Geochemistry of the Mantle and Oceanic Crustal Remnants in the Alps, Reconciling Rifts and Ultra-slow Seafloor Spreading, Othmar Mütener and Anders McCarthy.
4. Oceanic Subduction in the Alps: Lessons from the Rock Record, Philippe Agard.
5. Continental Subduction in the Alps: From Field Data to Kinematic Models, Paola Manzotti and Michel Ballèvre.

About the authors/editors

Claudio L. Rosenberg, ISTeP, Sorbonne Université, France.

Nicolas Bellahsen, ISTeP, Sorbonne Université, France.

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