Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence

Additive Manufacturing, Vibratory Control, Agro-composite, Mechatronics

Volume 1 - Artificial Intelligence in Mechanics SET by Abdelkhalak El Hami

Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence

Edited by

Abdelkhalak El Hami, INSA-Rouen-Normandie, France.

ISBN : 9781786309426

Publication Date : November 2023

Hardcover 200 pp

165.00 USD



Today’s information technology, along with Artificial Intelligence (AI), is moving towards total communication between all computerized systems. AI is a representation of human intelligence based on the creation and application of algorithms in specific computer environments. Its aim is to enable computers to act like human beings. For it to work, this type of technology requires computer systems, data with management systems and advanced algorithms, used by AI.

In mechanical engineering, AI can offer many possibilities: in mechanical construction, predictive maintenance, plant monitoring, robotics, additive manufacturing, materials, vibration control and agro composites, among many others.

This book is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence uncertainties in mechanical problems. Each chapter clearly sets out used and developed illustrative examples. Aimed at students, Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence is also a valuable resource for practicing engineers and research lecturers.


1. New Intelligence Method for Machine Tool Energy Consumption Estimation, Dorra Ben Hassen, Anoire Ben Jdidia, Mohamed Taoufik Khbou, Mohamed Slim Abbes, and Mohamed Haddar.
2. Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence: Applications to Maintenance in Additive Manufacturing, Ghais Kharmanda, Hicham Baammi, and Abdelkhalak El Hami.
3. Bio-Composite Structural Durability: Using Artificial Intelligence for Cluster Classification, Abel Cherouat.
4. Intelligent Control for Attenuating Vertical Vibrations in Vehicles, Maroua Haddar, Fakher Chaari, and Mohamed Haddar.
5. Optimization of the Power Inductor of a DC/DC Converter, Abdelhamid Amar, Bouchaïb Radi, and Abdelkhalak El Hami.
6. Study of the Influence of Noise and Speed on the Robustness of Independent Component Analysis in the Presence of Uncertainty, Dorra Ben Hassen, Anoire Ben Jdidia, Mohamed Slim Abbes, Fakher Chaari, and Mohamed Haddar.
7. Multi-Objective Optimization Applied to a High Electron Mobility Transistor, Rabii El Maani, Abdelhamid Amar, Bouchaïb Radi, and Abdelkhalak El Hami.

About the authors/editors

Abdelkhalak El Hami is Full Professor at INSA-Rouen-Normandie, France. He is the author/co-author of over sixty books and is responsible for several European pedagogical projects. He is a specialist in the optimization, reliability and AI of multiphysical systems.