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The Entrepreneur

Smart Innovation Set – Volume 8

Sophie Boutillier, University of Littoral Côte d’Opale, France Dimitri Uzunidis, University of Lille, France

ISBN: 9781786300539

Publication Date: December 2016   Paperback   144 pp.

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The concept of the entrepreneur as a driver of innovation and a creator of wealth and employment has evolved over centuries, through theories which are outlined in this book and analyzed within their historical context.
Economists such as Cantillon, Say, Schumpeter, Audretsch, Casson and Baumol have studied the phenomenon of the entrepreneur since the 18th Century. The role it plays within society evolves with and thus reflects the economic conditions of the time. As a response to cope with rising unemployment and a driver of technical, organizational and social innovation, entrepreneurship has again become increasingly popular in industrialized and also in developing counties during recent decades. Today, the entrepreneur creates new forms of employability and innovation, and is a key figure in economic revival and growth.
This book offers a comprehensive exploration into the etymological and conceptual origins of the entrepreneur, its historical and modern definitions, its socio-economic functions and related social and economic theories, allowing readers to gain a thorough understanding of this iconic figure.


1. From Term to Concept: the Entrepreneur and his Economic Function.
2. Quantifying Entrepreneurship, Understanding the Entrepreneurial Role.
3. Classical Economics of the Entrepreneur.
4. Contemporary Theories of the Entrepreneur.
5. Towards a Socioeconomics of the Entrepreneur: An Overview.

About the Authors

Sophie Boutillier is an economist and sociologist. She is Associated Professor and researcher in Economics at the University of Littoral Côte d’Opale, France, and is currently Vice President of the Research Network on Innovation.
Dimitri Uzunidis is Professor in Political Economy. He is currently President of the Research Network on Innovation in Paris, France.


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