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Materials and Thermodynamics

Living and Economic Systems

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Mechanics of Aeronautical Composite Materials

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Finite Physical Dimensions Optimal Thermodynamics 1


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Co-design in Living Labs for Healthcare and Independent Living

Concepts, Methods and Tools

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Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks

Metaheuristics Set – Volume 10

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RCS Synthesis for Chipless RFID

Theory and Design

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Fundamentals of Electronics 1

Electronic Components and Elementary Functions

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Swift Ion Beam Analysis in Nanosciences

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Inside Anthropotechnology

User and Culture Centered Experience

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Ethics in Social Networking and Business 1

Theory, Practice and Current Recommendations

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Marine Ecosystems

Diversity and Functions

Edited by André Monaco, CNRS, France Patrick Prouzet, Ifremer, France

ISBN: 9781848217829

Publication Date: October 2015   Hardback   316 pp.

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The authors of this book have explored the major oceans of the world to document the diversity of habitats, structures and marine food webs.
From coastal zones to deep sea habitats, several environments are investigated: the phyto-plankton system, the first level of ecological and climatic dynamics via the carbon cycle; the coral ecosystems and their associated coastal seagrass, among the most diverse on the planet; and the deep ecosystems, oases organized around hydrothermal vents on mid-ocean ridges.
In order to reveal the spatial and temporal dynamics of these systems and the complexity of trophic interactions, observation strategies and long-term monitoring were needed.
In addition, the topics covered allow the reader to address the problem of preservation of resources, living or non-living, and the services rendered to our societies endangered by environmental change. Thus, concepts and strategies emerge as ecological resilience.
Like the previous volumes, this seventh book of the “Seas and Oceans” Set adopts a transversal approach that leads to the governance and sustainable management of marine environment.


1. Marine Biosphere, Carbonate Systems and the Carbon Cycle, Luc Beaufort.
2. Biodiversity of Phytoplankton: Responses to Environmental Changes in Coastal Zones,Tania Hernández-Fariñas and Cédric Bacher.
3. Marine Seagrasses (Magnoliophyta) in the Intertropical Zone, Christian Hily.
4. Biocomplexity of Coral Ecosystems: Diversity in Allits States, Michel Kulbicki, Mehdi Adjeroud, Laure Carassou, Pascale Chabanet, Valeriano Parravicini, Dominique Ponton, Fanny Houlbreque and Laurent Vigliola.
5. Man and Diversity in the Coral Environment, Michel Kulbicki, Mehdi Adjeroud, Laure Carassou, Pascale Chabanet, Valeriano Parravicini, Dominique Ponton, Fanny Houlbreque and Laurent Vigliola.
6. Hydrothermal Vents: Oases at Depth, Jozée Sarrazin and Daniel Desbruyères.

About the Authors

André Monaco is Emeritus Director of Research for the French national center (CNRS). His research interests concern marine sedimentology and geochemistry. He was responsible for several French and European programs and has been guest editor for four special issues in international journals.
Patrick Prouzet is Director of Research focusing on the ecosystem approach of Ifremer in France. He specializes in the biology and dynamics of anadromous fish such as Atlantic salmon and eels. He is the author and co-author of several works on these species or on estuary fishing.


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