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Rheology of Non-spherical Particle Suspensions

Edited by Francisco Chinesta, Ecole Centrale of Nantes, France Gilles Ausias, University of South Brittany, France

ISBN: 9781785480362

Publication Date: September 2015   Hardback   396 pp.

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This book provides a review of the current understanding of the behavior of non-spherical particle suspensions providing experimental results, rheological models and numerical modeling. In recent years, new models have been developed for suspension rheology and as a result applications for nanocomposites have increased.
The authors tackle issues within experimental, model and numerical simulations of the behavior of particle suspensions. Applications of non-spherical particle suspension rheology are widespread and can be found in organic matrix composites, nanocomposites, biocomposites, fiber-filled fresh concrete flow, blood and biologic fluids.
This book is aimed at engineering students, researchers and engineers.


1. Introduction to Suspension Rheology, Nhan Phan-Thien.
2. Rheological Characterization of Fiber Suspensions and Nanocomposites, Pierre J. Carreau and Bruno Vergnes.
3. Rheology of Carbon Nanoparticle Suspensions and Nanocomposites, Philippe Cassagnau.
4. Rheological Modeling of Non-dilute Rod Suspensions, Julien Férec and Gilles Ausias.
5. Rheology of Highly Concentrated Fiber Suspensions, Laurent Orgéas, Pierre Dumont and Steven Le Corre.
6. Towards a Kinetic Theory Description of Electrical Conduction in Perfectly Dispersed CNT Nanocomposites, Marta Perez, Emmanuelle Abisset-Chavanne, Anaïs Barasinski, Amine Ammar, Francisco Chinesta and Roland Keunings.
7. Stick-Slip Instabilities In Magnetorheological Fluids, Modesto T. López-López, Laura Rodríguez-Arco, Pavel Kuzhir, Juan D.G. Duran, Andrey Zubarev and Georges Bossis.
8. Numerical Simulations of Viscoelastic Suspension Fluid Dynamics, Gaetano D’Avino.
9. Brownian Dynamics Simulation for Spheroid Particle Suspensions in Polymer Solution, Takehiro Yamamoto.
10. Multiscale Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Suspensions, Miroslav Grmela, Amine Ammar and Guillaume Maîtrejean.

About the Authors

Francisco Chinesta is Professor of Computational Mechanics at the Ecole Centrale of Nantes, France, and a member of the Institute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics at the University of Wales, UK.
Gilles Ausias is Lecturer at the University of South Brittany, France. His research comprises the fields of rheology and composite processing.


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