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Analysis and Design of Multicell DC/DC Converters using Vectorized Models

FOCUS Series in Electrical Engineering

Thierry Meynard, LAPLACE - ENSEEIHT - INPT, University of Toulouse, France

ISBN: 9781848218000

Publication Date: March 2015   Hardback   158 pp.

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In recent years, multilevel topologies have been introduced to allow static converters of electrical energy to address medium voltage (series connection) or high current (parallel connection). The new degrees of freedom provided by these topologies are a potential source of improvement, but they also make the design process more complex.
The author of this book shows how the concepts of vectorization and design masks can be used to help the designer in comparing different designs and making the right choices. The book addresses series and parallel multicell conversion directly and the concepts can be generalized to describe other topologies.


1. General Properties of Multilevel Converters.
2. Topologies of Multilevel DC/DC Converters.
3. Concept of Vectorization in PLECS.
4.Vectorized Modulator for Multilevel Choppers.
5. Voltage Balance in Series Multilevel Converters.
6. Filter Design.
7. Design of Magnetic Components for Multilevel Choppers.
8. Closed-Loop Control of Multilevel DC/DC Converters.

About the Authors

Thierry Meynard is Directeur de Recherches CNRS at Laboratoire LAPLACE, ENSEEIHT, INPT, University of Toulouse, France and part-time consultant at CIRTEM (Centre d'ingénierie et de recherche en technologies de l'électrotechnique moderne). He is the co-inventor of various topologies of series multicell (multilevel) converters and has been involved in the transfer of several of these topologies to industry, especially in the field of medium voltage drives (typ. 1-10kV, 1-10MW). In recent years his research interests have focused on parallel multicell (interleaved) converters for application in low voltage embedded applications (<1kV) and on the design of corresponding magnetic components.


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