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Music and Acoustics

From Instrument to Computer

Philippe Guillaume, INSA, Toulouse, France

ISBN: 9781905209262

Publication Date: October 2006   Hardback   208 pp.

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How can a piano tuner obtain such high precision with no other measuring device than their own ears? How can a sequence of notes seem to rise continuously although it comes back periodically to the same notes? What are the possibilities and the limits of digital sound? These are a few examples of questions that are discussed in this book, which presents an overview on the nature of musical sounds, from their production by acoustic music instruments to synthesized sounds obtained with computers. The topics that are treated include sound propagation, Fourier and time-frequency analysis, psychoacoustics, analogue and digital signal processing theory, computer science and MP3 sound compression, and of!


1. Sound.
2. Musical instruments.
3. Ranges and temperaments.
4. Psychoacoustics.
5. Digital sound.
6. Synthesis and resonance effects.

About the Authors

Philippe Guillaume is a Professor at INSA Toulouse, France where he teaches applied mathematics and musical acoustics. He is a researcher within the laboratory of Mathematics for Industry and Physics in the same Institute. He worked for many years in his youth as a piano tuner for famous pianists.


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