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Advanced Smart Grids for Distribution System Operators

Advanced Smart Grids Set Coordinated by Nouredine Hadjsaïd and Jean-Claude Sabonnadière – Volume 1

Marc Boillot, EDF Regional Action Division, France

ISBN: 9781848217379

Publication Date: November 2014   Hardback   252 pp.

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Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are key players in energy transition and with the help of Advanced Smart Grids they will be able to better take advantage of existing distribution networks.
Energy transition is underway in many regions of the world. This is a real challenge for electric systems and a paradigm shift for existing distribution networks. With the help of “advanced” smart technologies, DSOs will have a central role in the integration of renewable generation, electric vehicles and demand response programs. Smart Grids are a means for DSOs to ensure the quality and security of the power supply.
This book proposes a singular approach based on practical experience from DSOs, which will complement the generally academic focus of previous books written on the subject of Smart Grids.
This is a very practical book based on the experience of a senior executive of the leading DSO in Europe. It focuses on several key topics (main functions of Smart Grids, contribution of Smart Metering Systems, flexibility options, data management, evolution of the competencies to manage networks equipped with advanced Smart Grids, etc.), systematically illustrated with ongoing experimentations conducted worldwide.


1. Distribution System Operators in a Changing Environment.
2. The Existing Distribution Networks: Design and Operation.
3. Main Drivers and Functions of Advanced Smart Grids.
4. Metering: A Core Activity of the DSOs.
5. Focus on Flexibility Options.
6. Pilot Projects and Use Cases.
7. Smart Grids are the Future for DSO.
8. Key Findings.

About the Authors

Marc Boillot is currently Delegated Vice President of the EDF Regional Action Division and is Chairman of the G3-PLC Alliance, which was created to standardize this technology and to promote it in the context of the deployment of smart meter projects worldwide. The G3-PLC Alliance brings together over 50 member companies originating from Europe, North America and Asia.


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