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Secure Connected Objects

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Banach, Fréchet, Hilbert and Neumann Spaces

Analysis for PDEs Set – Volume 1

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Semi-Markov Migration Models for Credit Risk

Stochastic Models for Insurance Set – Volume 1

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Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

From Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) to Radio Frequency

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Enterprise Interoperability


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Data Treatment in Environmental Sciences

Multivaried Approach

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From Pinch Methodology to Pinch-Exergy Integration of Flexible Systems

Thermodynamics – Energy, Environment, Economy Set

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Exterior Algebras

Elementary Tribute to Grassmann's Ideas

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Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates

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Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

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The Land–Sea Interactions

Seas and Oceans Set – Volume 2

Edited by André Monaco, CNRS, France Patrick Prouzet, Ifremer, France

ISBN: 9781848217027

Publication Date: November 2014   Hardback   314 pp.

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The books brought together in the “Seas and Oceans” Set make up a multi-disciplinary and systemic approach to the complexity, vulnerability, productivity and exploitation of the marine environment that is today faced with global change. This set of books does not simply describe and analyze the mechanisms that act on how these environments work, but it also presents a cross-disciplinary approach, leading to the governance, sustainable management of resources and adaptation of our societies to change.
This book covers the hydrological and geochemical exchanges that maintain a natural land–sea system. The intensification of human pressures on this interface increasingly leads to physical and chemical disequilibria (radioactive pollution, plastic waste) and ecological malfunctions (eutrophication) which, along with climate change, are major components of global change.


1. Continent–Sea Interface: A Hydrogeological Continuum, Nathalie Dörfliger, Bertrand Aunay and Perrine Fleury.
2. Chemical Elements and Isotopes, Tracers of Land–Sea Exchanges, Catherine Jeandel, Pieter Van Beek and François Lacan.
3. Eutrophication of the Marine Environment, Alain Ménesguen.
4. Pollution by Marine Debris, François Galgani.
5. Radioactivity of Anthropic Origin in the Marine Environment, Sabine Charmasson, Pascal Bailly Du Bois, Hervé Thébault, Dominique Boust and Bruno Fiévet.

About the Authors

André Monaco is Emeritus Director of Research for the French national research center (CNRS). His research interests concern marine sedimentology and geochemistry. He was responsible for part of the organizing committee for several French and European programs and has been guest editor for four special issues in international journals.
Patrick Prouzet is Director of Research focusing on the ecosystemic approach at Ifremer in France. He specializes in the biology and dynamics of anadromous fish such as Atlantic salmon and eels. He is the author or co-author of several works on these species or on estuary fishing.


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