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Environmental Impact of Polymers

Edited by Thierry Hamaide, University of Lyon, France Rémi Deterre, University of Nantes, France Jean-François Feller, University of Lorient, France

ISBN: 9781848216211

Publication Date: July 2014   Hardback   416 pp.

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This book reviews aspects of the environmental and societal impact of polymer materials. Various lifecycle assessments of polymers versus other materials are described.
Showcases are presented in order to quantify the environmental performance of polymer material, including functional analysis. A review on green chemistry and bio-based polymer material is also presented and specific problems related to additive migrations and regulations are discussed.
Emphasis is placed on education at all academic levels, highlighting the contribution of teachers that is needed for a better awareness of the role of polymers.


1. Some Notes on Two Controversies around Plastic Materials and their Media Coverage, Laura Maxim.
2. Plastic Waste and the Environment, Claude Duval.
3. Polymers and Marine Litter, François Galgani.
4. Between Prejudice and Realities: How Plastics are Essential for the Future, Michel Loubry.
5. Lifecycle Assessment and Green Chemistry: A Look at Innovative Tools for Sustainable Development, Sylvain Caillol.
6. Are Bioplastics “Green” Plastics?, Olivier Talon.
7. Environmental Characterization of Materials for Product Design, Stéphane Le Pochat and Arnaud Roquesalane.
8. Choice of Materials and Environmental Impact: Case of a Water Bottle, Rémi Deterre.
9. Formulation and Development of Biodegradable and Bio-based Multiphase Materials: Plasticized Starch-based Materials, Luc Avérous.
10. Different Strategies for Ecoplastics Development, Jean-François Feller.
11. Thoughts about Plastic Recycling. Presentation of a Concrete Example: End-of-Life Polypropylene, Frédéric Viot.
12. Recyclable and Bio-based Materials Open Up New Prospects for Polymers: Scientific and Social Aspects, Valérie Massardier.
13. Food Packaging: New Directions for the Control of Additive and Residue Migration, Olivier Vitrac and Audrey Goujon.
14. Biodegradability and/or Compostability?, Guy César.
15. The Regulation by Law of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Eric Juet.
16. Teaching Sustainable Development, Serge Walter.

About the Authors

Thierry Hamaide is Professor at the University of Lyon, France.
Rémi Deterre is Professor at the University of Nantes, France.
Jean-François Feller is Professor at the University of Lorient, France.


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