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Dynamics of Large Structures and Inverse Problems

Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering Set – Volume 5

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Civil Engineering Structures According to the Eurocodes

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Swelling Concrete in Dams and Hydraulic Structures

DSC 2017

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Earthquake Occurrence

Short- and Long-term Models and their Validation

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The Chemostat

Mathematical Theory of Microorganims Cultures

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From Prognostics and Health Systems Management to Predictive Maintenance 2

Knowledge, Traceability and Decision

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First Hitting Time Regression Models

Lifetime Data Analysis Based on Underlying Stochastic Processes

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The Innovative Company

An Ill-defined Object

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Reading and Writing Knowledge in Scientific Communities

Digital Humanities and Knowledge Construction

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Going Past Limits To Growth

A Report to the Club of Rome EU-Chapter

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Competitive Quality Strategies

FOCUS Series in Industrial Engineering

Pierre Maillard, Consultant

ISBN: 9781848214514

Publication Date: December 2012   Hardback   176 pp.

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This book succinctly presents new methodological principles that help leaders of businesses of all sizes to use, in the most effective way, the quality of their valuable production to enhance their competitiveness. The concepts and models of principles of actions presented result from over 20 years of observation by the the author of the way in which companies of all sizes and in all sectors attempt to use specific mechanisms of quality production in exchanges with their stakeholders, to give rise to long-lasting competitive factors. The author has drawn up practical guides that are general enough for any company to be able to better understand and strengthen (often implicit) approaches to create new competitive edges, based on their employees’ culture of quality. Precise definitions are given for each of the concepts used, in order to free readers from the commonly-recurring inaccuracies relating to the meaning of the terms used in the domain of quality management. The new tools presented in this book, which have been tested in several companies, provide an answer to the need to boost growth in industrialized countries.


1. General Principles of Competitive Quality.
2. The Definition of a Competitive Quality Tactic.
3. Deployment of a Competitive Quality Tactic.
4. The Conditions for Success of a Competitive Quality Tactic.
5. Selling a Competitive Quality Tactic.
6. Management of a Competitive Quality Tactic.

About the Authors

Pierre Maillard has a PhD in Mathematics and works as a Consultant specializing in innovation process quality management, strategic management of quality, improving the efficiency of service quality and the development of medical equipment.


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