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Flows and Chemical Reactions

Roger Prud’homme, CNRS, France

ISBN: 9781848214255

Publication Date: September 2012   Hardback   384 pp.

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The aim of this book is to relate fluid flows to chemical reactions. It focuses on the establishment of consistent systems of equations with their boundary conditions and interfaces, which allow us to model and deal with complex situations. Chapter 1 is devoted to simple fluids, i.e. to a single chemical constituent. The basic principles of incompressible and compressible fluid mechanics, are presented in the most concise and educational manner possible, for perfect or dissipative fluids. Chapter 2 relates to the flows of fluid mixtures in the presence of chemical reactions. Chapter 3 is concerned with interfaces and lines. Interfaces have been the subject of numerous publications and books for nearly half a century. Lines and curvilinear media are less known Several appendices on mathematical notation, thermodynamics and mechanics methods are grouped together in Chapter 4. This summary presentation of the basic equations of simple fluids, with exercises and their solutions, as well as those of chemically reacting flows, and interfaces and lines will be very useful for graduate students, engineers, teachers and scientific researchers in many domains of science and industry who wish to investigate problems of reactive flows. Portions of the text may be used in courses or seminars on fluid mechanics.


1. Simple Fluids.
2. Reactive Mixtures.
3. Interfaces and Lines.
Tensors, Curvilinear Coordinates, Geometry and Kinematics of Interfaces and Lines.
Additional Aspects of Thermostatics.
Tables for Calculating Flows of Ideal Gas .
Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics.
Rational Thermodynamics.
Torsors and Distributors in Solid Mechanics.
Virtual Powers in a Medium with a Single Constituent.

About the Authors

Roger Prud’homme is an Emeritus Research Director having previously worked as research director for Laboratoire d'Aérothermique (Laboratory of Aerothermics) and then Laboratoire de Modélisation en Mécanique (Laboratory of Mechanical Modeling) for CNRS – the French national scientific research center. His fields of interest include flames (premixed flame modeling and their behavior in microgravity), two phase flows (droplet combustion with condensation of the products, sound propagation in suspensions, vortex, chock wave structure), and the modeling of fluid interfaces.


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