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Grain Boundaries and Crystalline Plasticity

Edited by Louisette Priester, Paris-Sud University, Orsay, France

ISBN: 9781848213272

Publication Date: October 2011   Hardback   368 pp.

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The main purpose of this book is to put forward the fundamental role of grain boundaries in the plasticity of crystalline materials.
To understand this role requires a multi-scale approach to plasticity: starting from the atomic description of a grain boundary and its defects, moving on to the elemental interaction processes between dislocations and grain boundaries, and finally showing how the microscopic phenomena influence the macroscopic behaviors and constitutive laws.
It involves bringing together physical, chemical and mechanical studies. The investigated properties are: deformation at low and high temperature, creep, fatigue and rupture.


1. Grain Boundary Structures and Defects, Jany Thibault-Penisson and Louisette Priester.
2. Elementary Grain Boundary Deformation
Mechanisms, Jean-Philippe Couzinie and Louisette Priester.
3. Grain Boundaries in Cold Deformation, Colette Rey, Denis Solas and Olivier Fandeur.
4. Creep and High Temperature Plasticity: Grain Boundary Dynamics, Sylvie Lartigue-Korinek and Claude Paul Carry.
5. Intergranular Fatigue, André Pineau and Stephen Antolovich.
6. Intergranular Segregation and Crystalline Material Fracture, Anna Fraczkiewicz and Krzysztof Wolski.
Appendix 1. Bicrystallography and Topological Characterization of Interfacial Defects, Sylvie Lartigue-Korinek and Louisette Priester.
Appendix 2. Appendices of Chapter 3, Colette Rey, Denis Solas and Olivier Fandeur.

About the Authors

Louisette Priester is Emerita Professor at the Paris-Sud University, Orsay, France. She has published around 200 articles in journals and contributed to about 150 national and international conferences.


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