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Compact Antennas for Wireless Communications and Terminals

Theory and Design

Edited by Jean-Marc Laheurte, University of Paris-Est, Marne-La-Vallée, France

ISBN: 9781848213074

Publication Date: June 2011   Hardback   272 pp.

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Compact Antennas for Wireless Communications and Terminals deals with compact microwave antennas and, more specifically, with the planar version of these antennas. Planar antennas are the most appropriate type of antenna in modern communication systems and more generally in all applications requiring miniaturization, integration and conformation such as in mobile phone handsets.
The book is suitable for students, engineers and scientists eager to understand the principles of planar and small antennas, their design and fabrication issues, and modern aspects such as UWB antennas, reconfigurable antennas and diversity issues.


1. General Information About Printed Antennas, Jean-Marc Laheurte.
2. Transmission Line Model, Jean-Marc Laheurte.
3. Cavity Model, Jean-Marc Laheurte.
4. Radiation of a Printed Antenna, Jean-Marc Laheurte.
5. Electrical Equivalent Circuit of a Printed Antenna, Jean-Marc Laheurte.
6. Feeding Circuits for Microstrip Antennas, Jean-Marc Laheurte and Benoit Poussot.
7. Circularly Polarized Antennas, Jean-Marc Laheurte, Marjorie Grzeskowiak and Stéphane Protat.
8. Wideband Antennas, Xavier Begaud.
9. Miniature Antennas, Guillaume Villemaud.
10. Reconfigurable Antennas, Jean-Marc Laheurte.
11. Introduction to Antenna Diversity, Lionel Rudant.

About the Authors

Jean-Marc Laheurte is Professor at the University of Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée where he is in charge of the antenna group of the ESYCOM laboratory and heads the Gaspard Monge Institute. His current research interests include the design and evaluation of diversity antennas for indoor communications, RFID systems, BAN antennas and BAN channel modeling. He is also active in the electromagnetic modeling of urban scatterers in mobile communications. He also teaches in various European institutions within the framework of the European School of Antennas.


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