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Safety, Variability and Sustainability

Edited by Julien Baroth, Grenoble University, France Denys Breysse, Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M), Bordeaux 1 University, France Franck Schoefs, Institute for Research in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM), Nantes University, France

ISBN: 9781848212305

Publication Date: June 2011   Hardback   368 pp.

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The five parts of this book answer the following questions: how can we identify the most probable critical failures? How can we describe and use data concerning materials that are heterogeneous or time-variant or space-variant? How can quantify the reliability or the lifetime of a system? How can we use feedback information to update reliability results? How can optimize an inspection policy or a maintenance strategy? A dozen authors from public research centers or companies propose a summary of methods, both well known and new, and apply them in various domains: dams, geotechnical study, structures from nuclear or civil engineering, etc.
These methods are applicable to any complex system in an uncertain context. Thus, this book is aimed at the civil and mechanical engineering communities, as well as any users of the reliability theory in both the industrial or academic sector. Students, postgraduates, engineers and researchers will find information on reflection basics and tools.


Part 1. Qualitative Methods for Evaluating the Reliability of Civil Engineering Structures
1. Methods for System Analysis and Failure Analysis, Daniel Boissier, Laurent Peyras and Aurélie Talon.
2. Methods for Modeling Failure Scenarios, Daniel Boissier, Laurent Peyras and Aurélie Talon.
3. Application to a Hydraulic Civil Engineering Project, Daniel Boissier, Laurent Peyras and Aurélie Talon.
Part 2. Heterogeneity and Variability of Materials: Consequences for Safety and Reliability
4. Uncertainties in Geotechnical Data, Denys Breysse, Julien Baroth, Gilles Celeux, Aurélie Talon and Daniel Boissier.
5. Some Estimates on the Variability of Material Properties, Denys Breysse and Antoine Marache.
6. Reliability of a Shallow Foundation Footing, Denys Breysse.
Part 3. Metamodels for Structural Reliability
7. Physical and Polynomial Response Surfaces, Frédéric Duprat, Franck Schoefs and Bruno Sudret.
8. Response Surfaces based on Polynomial Chaos Expansions, Bruno Sudret, Géraud Blatman and Marc Berveiller.
Part 4. Methods for Structural Reliability over Time
9. Data Aggregation and Unification, Daniel Boissier and Aurélie Talon.
10. Time-Variant Reliability Problems, Bruno Sudret.
11. Bayesian Inference and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods, Gilles Celeux.
12. Bayesian Updating Techniques in Structural Reliability, Bruno Sudret.
Part 5. Reliability-based Maintenance Optimization
13. Maintenance Policies, Alaa Chateauneuf, Franck Schoefs and Bruno Capra.
14. Maintenance Cost Models, Alaa Chateauneuf and Franck Schoefs.
15. Practical Aspects: Industrial Implementation and Limitations in a Multi-criteria Context, Franck Schoefs and Bruno Capra.

About the Authors

Julien Baroth has been Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at the Institute of Technology within the Grenoble 1 University, France since 2006.
Denys Breysse has been Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (GCE) at the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M) within the Bordeaux 1 University, France since 1994.
Franck Schoefs has been Professor at the Institute for Research in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM) within Nantes University, France since 2010.


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