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Vapor Surface Treatments

Edited by Alain Galerie, Grenoble INP, France

ISBN: 9781848211711

Publication Date: November 2009   Hardback   416 pp.

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There are many different vapor phase surface treatments of materials that can be used to produce a wide variety of end results, but each of them are of increasing importance in the pursuit of high performance advanced materials. These techniques differ significantly in the physical or chemical nature of the gas–surface interactions involved, and also in the thickness and morphology of the coatings produced. Applications include advanced semiconductors, optics, and nanotechnology, as well as many more. This book details the most important techniques used in industrial applications, providing coverage from the basic physics to the technical details of each, with emphasis on the macroscopic engineering of the processes and the microscopic characterization of the produced coatings. Vacuum evaporation, cathodic sputtering and ion implantation produce thin films mainly by physical interactions; gas cementation, nitridation, carbonitridation and pack cementation produce thicker surface modifications involving chemical reactions. A section of the book is devoted to chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes, with dedicated chapters dealing with i) principles and industrial applications, ii) the use of plasma and lasers to assist deposition, and iii) macroscopic modeling of reactors. Alain Galerie has drawn contributions from leading experts at top research universities to produce a complete overview of the vapor phase surface treatments which have an increasing role in modern surface engineering.


1. Vacuum Evaporation, Aimé RICHARDT and Isabelle RICHARDT.
2. Cathode Sputtering, Yves PAULEAU.
3. Ion Implantation and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition, Jean-Paul RIVIÈRE.
4. Chemical Vapor Deposition: Principles and Applications, Elisabeth BLANQUET and Frédéric SCHUSTER.
5. Laser or Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition, Jean DESMAISON, Christelle TIXIER and Pascal TRISTANT.
6. Coupled Phenomena Modeling in CVD, Michel PONS and Francis BAILLET.
7. Gas Phase Carburation and Carbonitriding of Steels, Jacky DULCY and Michel GANTOIS.
8. Ion Nitriding and Afterglow Treatments, Thierry BELMONTE, Thierry CZERWIEC and Henri MICHEL.
9. Pack Cementation, Alain GALERIE and Yves WOUTERS.

About the Authors

Alain Galerie is Professor of Materials Chemistry at Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France. He is a well-known expert in high temperature oxidation of metallic materials and has also worked on surface modification of metals using chemical and physical techniques (gas phase cementation and ion implantation).


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