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Reliability Investigation of LED Devices for Public Light Applications

Durability, Robustness and Reliability of Photonic Devices Set

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Aerospace Actuators 2

Signal-by-Wire and Power-by-Wire

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Flash Memory Integration

Performance and Energy Considerations

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Mechanics of Aeronautical Solids, Materials and Structures

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Engineering Investment Process

Making Value Creation Repeatable

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Space Strategy

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Distributed Systems

Concurrency and Consistency

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Fatigue of Textile and Short Fiber Reinforced Composites

Durability and Ageing of Organic Composite Materials Set – Volume 1

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Management of the Effects of Coastal Storms

Policy, Scientific and Historical Perspectives

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Computational Color Science

Variational Retinex-like Methods

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Low Emission Power Generation Technologies and Energy Management

Edited by Jean-Claude Sabonnadière, INPG, Grenoble, France

ISBN: 9781848211360

Publication Date: October 2009   Hardback   480 pp.

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This book provides a detailed treatment of energy storage, low emission power generation technologies, and energy management.
It begins with an examination of the generation of nuclear energy and then moves on to an analysis of combined heat and power generation, by which it is possible to produce heat and electricity together as a complement to heat generation in order to improve the efficiency of heat plants.
The use of hydrogen as an energy vector similar to electricity is addressed next, and provides readers with a comprehensive view of the available means of creating, storing and transporting the gas, which is generally (but incorrectly) considered to be very dangerous.
Finally, the very important subjects of energy management, control of energy demand, and energy-saving measures are considered. Positive energy houses, low consumption public and domestic lighting systems, and moderation of power consumption by control of the load from the grid are all described, as options for creating a sustainable energy future.


1. Energy Storage: Applications to the Electricity Vector, Y. Brunet.
2. Nuclear Fission, Today and Tomorrow: From “Renaissance” to Technological Breakthroughs, G. Van Goethem.
3. Co-generation, W. D'haeseleer, P. Luickx.
4. Hydrogen: An Energy Vector, T. Alleau.
5. Fuel cells, P. Baurens, P. Serre-Combe, J.-Ph. Poirot-Crouvezier.
6. Towards Positive Energy Buildings, D. Quenard.
7. Light Sources and Lighting: From Technology to Energy Savings, G. Zissis.
8. Distributed Generation: Impact and Solutions, R. Caire, B. Raison.
9. Control of the Energy Demand: Network Load Shedding, G. Verneau.

About the Authors

Jean-Claude Sabonnadière is Emertius Professor at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.


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