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Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices

Edited by Robert Perret, Grenoble INP, France

ISBN: 9781848210646

Publication Date: March 2009   Hardback   576 pp.

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This book is dedicated to power electronics switches and their uses. It begins by dealing with power MOSFETs and IGBTs, including series and parallel associations. Discussion is given to silicon carbide, its potentiality for power electronics applications and its present limitations, as well as capacitors, key passive components in power electronics, followed by a modeling method enabling the computation of stray inductances, which is necessary for the precise simulation of switching waveforms. The book concludes by examining the behavior of the switching cell and thermal behavior associated with power switches, and the proposes some interesting possibilities associated with power electronics integration.


1. Power MOSFET transistors, Pierre Aloïsi.
2. Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), Pierre Aloïsi.
3. Series and parallel connections of MOS and IGBT, Daniel Chatroux, Jean-Luc Schanen.
4. Silicon carbide applications in power electronics, Marie-Laure Locatelli, Dominique Planson.
5. Capacitors for power electronics, Abderrahmane Béroual, Sophie Guillemet-Fritsch, Thierry Lebey.
6. Modeling connections, Edith Clavel, James Roudet, Jean-Luc Schanen.
7. The commutation cell, James Roudet, Jean-Luc Schanen.
8. Power electronics and thermal management, Jean-Marie Dorkel, Corinne Perret, Robert Perret.
9. Towards integrated power electronics, Patrick Austin, Marie Breil, Jean-Christophe Crebier, Jean-Louis Sanchez, Christian Schaeffer.

About the Authors

Robert Perret is a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Grenoble INP, France.


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