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Plastic Forming Processes

Maurice Reyne, Consultant

ISBN: 9781848210660

Publication Date: November 2008   Hardback   288 pp.

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Many books covering plastic materials analyze the behavior of these materials based on their chemical components or their mechanical properties from mathematical concepts.
These approaches, which are fundamental for research, do not concern “transformers” or users who need practical advice. Nevertheless, there are approximately 20 basic implementation techniques and each of them is distinguished by specific case studies which gradually become more functional.
The aim of this book is therefore to analyze, in a quasi-exhaustive manner, the different processes which are currently in use or are being created in either design, coupling or treatments that are specifically used. It is thus written to assist readers in their decision-making.
In order to explain these different points in a practical, even pragmatic, way, the reader will find approximately 400 figures or photos that describe the points.


1. Introduction.
2. Polymers.
3. Converting Processes.
4. Assembly and Fixations.
5. Finishing Treatments.
6. Ecology and Recycling.
7. Mold Making.
8. Economic Data.
9. Trends.

About the Authors

Maurice Reyne, ENSAIS engineer, is an expert in (plastic and composite) synthesis materials and in industrial diagnostics. He has been a research engineer for ONERA (aeronautics), a project manager at Schlumberger (oil industry), and then the director of technico-economic studies at CEGOS (consulting).
Today, he is an independent consultant whose expertise is used by the French Ministry of Industry (OSEO and DRIRE). He also teaches in many engineering colleges. Throughout his career, he has published about 30 books on materials, energy systems, economic creativity and intelligence, written many articles on these same subjects, visited nearly 1,500 industrial companies and presented about 500 lectures for companies or societies in 40 countries.


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