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Secure Connected Objects

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Banach, Fréchet, Hilbert and Neumann Spaces

Analysis for PDEs Set Volume 1

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Semi-Markov Migration Models for Credit Risk

Stochastic Models for Insurance Set Volume 1

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Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

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Data Treatment in Environmental Sciences

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Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates

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Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

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An Introduction to Organic Lasers

Advanced Lasers Set

Azzedine Boudrioua, University of Paris 13, France Mahmoud Chakaroun, University of Paris 13, France Alexis Fischer, University Paris 13, France

ISBN: 9781785481581

Publication Date: July 2017   Hardback   226 pp.

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One of the biggest challenges of organic optoelectronics is the realization of the first organic laser diode (electrically pumped) which has a very strong potential for many applications.
Similar to what happened in the field of inorganic optoelectronics when transforming LEDs into LDs, the race is on to transform an OLED into an OLD. This involves the development of innovative solutions to overcome the difficulties inherent in organic materials and the electric pump.
This book presents the elements of physics, materials and technologies that allow us to understand the basics of organic lasers and to capture the progress made. It also provides guidance for future developments towards the organic laser diode.


1. Organic Semiconductors.
2. Organic Light-emitting Diodes.
3. Organic Lasers.
4. Organic Plasmonics: Toward Organic Nanolasers.

About the Authors

Azzedine Boudrioua is Professor at the University of Paris 13 in France. He leads the Organic Photonics and Nanostructures team of the Laboratory of Laser Physics (LPL).
Mahmoud Chakaroun is a lecturer at the University of Paris 13 in France. He develops research activities in the fields of OLED and organic laser sources.
Alexis Fischer is Professor at the University Paris 13 in France.


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