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Baidu SEO

Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

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Asymmetric Alliances and Information Systems

Issues and Prospects

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Technicity vs Scientificity

Complementarities and Rivalries

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250 Million Years of Evolutionary History

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Biostatistics and Computer-based Analysis of Health Data using SAS

Biostatistics and Health Science Set

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Predictive Control

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Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics 1

Categories, Algebraic Structures, Linear and Homological Algebra

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Swelling Concrete in Dams and Hydraulic Structures

DSC 2017

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The Chemostat

Mathematical Theory of Microorganims Cultures

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Earthquake Occurrence

Short- and Long-term Models and their Validation

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Designing Interactive Hypermedia Systems

Digital Tools and Uses Set – Volume 2

Edited by Everardo Reyes-Garcia and Nasreddine Bouhai, University Paris 8, France.

ISBN: 9781786300638

Publication Date: January 2017   Hardback   244 pp.

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Since their introduction several decades ago, hypermedia systems have maintained their relevance. New hypermedia systems are emerging regularly, in diverse fields and contexts. This provides an ideal framework for the study and analysis of hypermedia at new conceptual and functional levels.
This book focuses on the design of interactive hypermedia systems, particularly on methods of representing and interacting with information, and on the design of these processes. The chapters composing this book have been selected for their richness, originality and scientific rigor. They all share the distinction of addressing hypermedia systems from theoretical and practical perspectives. Chapters in which the authors are the designers of the systems themselves show the complexity of factors behind the design, implementation and maintenance of tools. Through these reflections, we approach issues that put not only the “user” at the heart of the systems, but also society, modern issues, the sciences and culture.


1. From Controversies to Decision-making: Between Argumentation and Digital Writing by Orélie Desfriches-Doria
2. Training in Digital Writing Through the Prism of Tropisms: Case Studies and Propositions by Stéphane Crozat
3. Assessing the Design of Hypermedia Interfaces: Differing Perspectives by María Inés Laitano
4. Experience Design: Explanation and Best Practices by Leslie Matté Ganet
5. Designing Authoring Software Environments for the Interactive Arts: An Overview of Mobilizing.js by Dominique Cunin
6. Clues. Anomalies. Understanding. Detecting Underlying Assumptions and Expected Practices in the Digital Humanities through the AIME Project by Donato Ricci, Robin De Mourat, Christophe Leclercq and Bruno Latour

About the Authors

Everardo Reyes-Garcia is Senior Lecturer in Information Sciences and Communication, Paragraph Laboratory, (EA 349), University Paris 8, COMUE University Paris-Lumières, France.
Nasreddine Bouhai is Senior Lecturer in Information Sciences and Communication, Paragraph Laboratory, (EA 349), University Paris 8, COMUE University Paris-Lumières, France.


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