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Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing

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Collective Intelligence and Digital Archives

Towards Knowledge Ecosystems

Edited by Samuel Szoniecky and Nasreddine Bouhaï, University of Paris 8, France

ISBN: 9781786300607

Publication Date: January 2017   Hardback   260 pp.

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This book presents the most up-to-date research from different areas of digital archives to show how and why collective intelligence is being developed to organize and better communicate new masses of information.
Current archive digitization projects produce an enormous amount of digital data (Big Data). Thanks to the proactive approach of large public institutions, this data is increasingly accessible. Despite the recent stabilization of technical and legal frameworks, the use of data has yet to be enriched by processes such as collective intelligence.
By exploring the field of digital humanities, audiovisual archives, preservation of cultural heritage, crowdsourcing and the recovery of scientific archives, this book presents and analyzes concrete examples of collective intelligence for use in digital archives.


1. Ecosystems of Collective Intelligence in the Service of Digital Archives by Samuel Szoniecky
2. Tools for Modeling Digital Archive Interpretation by Muriel Louâpre and Samuel Szoniecky
3. From the Digital Archive to the Resource Enriched Via Semantic Web: Process of Editing a Cultural Heritage by Lénaïk Leyoudec
4. Studio Campus AAR: A Semantic Platform for Analyzing and Publishing Audiovisual Corpuses by Abdelkrim Beloued, Peter Stockinger and Steffen Lalande
5. Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing: A Review by Mathieu Andro and Imad Saleh
6. Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage in the Context of the Semantic Web by Ashraf Amad and Nasreddine Bouhaï
7. On Knowledge Organization and Management for Innovation: Modeling with the Strategic Observation Approach in Material Science by Sahbi Sidhom and Philippe Lambert

About the Authors

Samuel Szoniecky is Associate Professor at the University of Paris 8, France in the Department of Digital Humanities.
Nasreddine Bouhaï is Associate Professor at the University of Paris 8, France in the Department of Digital Humanities.


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