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Certifiable Software Applications 2

Support Processes

Jean-Louis Boulanger, consultant

ISBN: 9781785481185

Publication Date: January 2017   Hardback   282 pp.

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The Certifiable Software Applications series presents the development of a critical software application.
The objective of this second volume is to explain the processes necessary to achieve a certifiable application. This concerns several major topics: skill management, data preparation, requirement management, software verification and software validation.
Analysis of the impact of the use of COTS and pre-existing software on certifiable software is also presented. The final support process concerns the management of commercial tools, the creation of a specific tool and therefore the qualification of tools, which will be based on their impact on the final software.
Building on the definitions presented in the first volume of the series, in this volume the reader will find a comprehensive description of the support processes which must be implemented to realize a software application.


1. Realization of a Software Application.
2. Quality Assurance Implementation.
3. Support Processes.
4. Organization.
5. Human Resources and Competencies Management.
6. Management of a Software Application’s Versions.
7. Configuration Management.
8. Archiving.
9. Maintenance of a Software Application.
10. Deployment of a Software Application.
11. Verification and Validation.
12. Tools Management.
13. Tools Qualification.
14. Data Configured Software Application.
15. Audit.

About the Authors

Jean-Louis Boulanger is currently an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) in the railway domain focusing on software elements. His research interests include requirements, software verification and validation, traceability and RAMS with a special focus on safety.


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