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Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Plates

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From Pinch Methodology to Pinch-Exergy Integration of Flexible Systems

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Fundamentals, Characterization and Modeling

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Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

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Supply Chain Management and Business Performance

The VASC Model

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Asymmetric Alliances and Information Systems

Issues and Prospects

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Banking Governance, Performance and Risk-Taking

Conventional Banks Vs Islamic Banks

Faten Ben Bouheni, ISC Business School, Paris, France Chantal Ammi, TELECOM Business School, Paris, France Aldo Levy, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), Paris, France

ISBN: 9781786300829

Publication Date: September 2016   Hardback   274 pp.

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Development of emerging countries is often enabled through non-conventional finance. Indeed, the prohibition of interest and some other impediments require understanding conventional finance and Islamic finance, which both seek to be ethical and socially responsible.
Thus, comparing and understanding the features of Islamic banking and conventional banking, in a globalized economy, is fundamental.
This book explains the features of both conventional and Islamic banking within the current international context. It also provides a comparative view of banking governance, performance and risk-taking of both finance systems.
It will be of particular use to practitioners and researchers, as well as to organizations and companies who are interested in conventional and Islamic banking.


Part 1. From Corporate Governance to Banking Governance.
1. Corporate Governance: A Brief Literature Review.
2. Banking Governance.
3. Islamic Banking Governance.
4. Mechanisms of Corporate Governance, Banking Governance and Islamic Banking Governance.
Part 2. Banking Performance.
5. Performance Measurement.
6. Corporate Governance and Performance.
Part 3. Bank Risk-Taking.
7. Banking Governance and Performance.
8. Banking Risk Analysis.
9. Banking Risk Management.
10. Corporate Governance and Risk-Taking.

About the Authors

Faten Ben Bouheni is Professor at the ISC Business School in Paris, France. Her research interests include financial regulation and supervision, banking governance, corporate performance and financial markets.
Chantal Ammi is Professor at the TELECOM Business School in Paris, France. Her research interests include development of telecommunication services, health and technology, internationalization and “ethnic” marketing.
Aldo Levy is Emeritus Professor at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, France. His research interests include management control, corporate and market finance and research methodologies.


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