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Metaheuristics for String Problems in Bio-informatics

Metaheuristics Set Volume 6

Christian Blum, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Bellaterra, Spain Paola Festa, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

ISBN: 9781848218123

Publication Date: August 2016   Hardback   228 pp.

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So-called string problems are abundant in bioinformatics and computational biology. New optimization problems dealing with DNA or protein sequences are constantly arising and researchers are highly in need of efficient optimization techniques for solving them.
One obstacle for optimization practitioners is the atypical nature of these problems which require an interdisciplinary approach in order to solve them efficiently and accurately.
This book presents the current research methods and applications of metaheuristics in bioinformatics and focuses on string problems that are combinatorial in nature to shed further light on this widely applied methodology.


1. Introduction.
2. Minimum Common String Partition Problem.
3. Longest Common Subsequence Problems.
4. The Most Strings With Few Bad Columns Problem.
5. Consensus String Problems.
6. Alignment Problems.
7. Conclusions.

About the Authors

Christian Blum is a senior scientist at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Bellaterra, Spain.
Paola Festa is Associate Professor in Operations Research at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.


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