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Recommender Systems

Edited by Gérald Kembellec, University of Lille 3, France Ghislaine Chartron, CNAM, France Imad Saleh, University of Paris 8, France

ISBN: 9781848217683

Publication Date: November 2014   Hardback   254 pp.

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Elected by the different content platforms (books, music, films) and online sales sites, recommender systems are the key elements of digital strategies. If their development was originally aimed at the performance of information systems, the issues today have been moved to a great extent to optimization logic of the client relationship, with the main objective being to maximize potential sales.
In a cross-disciplinary approach, the authors of this book bring together contributions linking the information and communication sciences, marketing, sociology, mathematics and IT. They discuss the understanding of models subjacent to recommender systems and detail their position within a historic perspective. The book also analyzes their development in the supply of content and evaluates their impact on the behavior of users.


1. General Introduction to Recommender Systems, Ghislaine Chartron and Gérald Kembellec.
2. Understanding Users’ Expectations for Recommender Systems: The Case of Social Media, Jean-Claude Domenget and Alexandre Coutant.
3. Recommender Systems and Social Networks: What Are the Implications or Digital Marketing?, Maria Mercanti-Guérin.
4. Recommender Systems and Diversity: Taking Advantage of the Long Tail and the Diversity of Recommendation Lists, Muriel Foulonneau, Valentin Grouès, Yannick Naudet and Max Chevalier.
5. iSoNTRE: Intelligent Transformer of Social Networks into a Recommendation Engine Environment, Rana Chamsi Abu Quba, Salima Hassas, Usama Fayyad, Hammam Chamsi and Christine Gertosio.
6. A Two-Level Recommendation Approach for Document Search, Manel Hmimida and Rushed Kanawati.
7. Combining Configuration and Recommendation to Enable an Interactive Guidance of Product Line Configuration, Raouia Triki, Raúl Mazo and Camille Salinesi.
8. Semio-Cognitive Spaces: The Frontier of Recommender Systems, Hakim Hachour, Samuel Szoniecky and Safia Abouad.
9. The French-Speaking Literary Prescription Market in Networks, Louis Wiart.
10. Presentation of Offered Services: Babelio, A Recommendation Engine Dedicated to Books, Vassil Stefanov, Guillaume Teisseire and Pierre Frémaux.
11. Presentation of the Offer Of Services: Nomao, Recommender Systems and Information Search, Estelle Delpech, Laurent Candillier and Étienne Chai.

About the Authors

Gérald Kembellec is Professor at the GERiiCO laboratory at the University of Lille 3 in France. He specializes in information and communication science.
Ghislaine Chartron is Full Professor at CNAM in France and director of the French national institute for documentation science and techniques.
Imad Saleh is Professor at the University of Paris 8 in France, director of the Paragraphe laboratory and director of the Cognition Language Interaction doctoral school.


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