Tourist Destinations According to Stakeholder Strategies

From Clusters to Local Tourist Systems

Volume 7 - Tourism and Mobility Systems SET by Philippe Violier

Tourist Destinations According to Stakeholder Strategies

Pierre Louart, IAE of Lille, France.
Jérôme Piriou, University of Angers, ESTHUA, France.
Philippe Violier, Espaces et Sociétés Laboratory in Angers, France.

ISBN : 9781786306593

Publication Date : August 2024

Hardcover 290 pp

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Tourist destinations are subject to the strategies and interactions of the people who reside in them, with complementary and sometimes conflicting interests. To ensure that these destinations remain competitive, Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) are tasked with stimulating cooperation between all partners (independents, organizations, networks).

Tourist Destinations According to Stakeholder Strategies is based on a series of case studies that are analyzed and discussed from a dual geographical and managerial perspective. This enables us to extract operational typologies and propose recommendations for actors in the tourism sector.

The authors have opted for an original and innovative name for the object of study, “Localized Tourism Systems” (LTS), thus emphasizing the triple aim of territorialization, tourism activities and actors that interact together in collective projects


1. Case Studies.
2. Geographic Analyses.
3. Managerial Analyses.
4. Typologies and Recommendations.

About the authors/editors

Pierre Louart is Professor Emeritus in Management Science. He headed the IAE de Lille, France, for 15 years and chaired the IAE network from 2006 to 2012.

Jérôme Piriou is Associate Professor in Geography at the University of Angers, ESTHUA, France, and Researcher at the Espaces et Sociétés Laboratory.

Philippe Violier is Professor Emeritus in Geography, member of the Espaces et Sociétés Laboratory in Angers, France, and was Director of ESTHUA from 2006 to 2021.