Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation Ecosystems

Eunika Mercier-Laurent, IAE Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781848213258

Publication Date : October 2011

Hardcover 272 pp

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The capacity to innovate is a fundamental resource for organizations as well as the true wealth of a society. To contribute fully to the prosperity of an organization, region or country, the innovation process - which is not only technology-based - requires the implementation of knowledge dynamics between domains that are often treated in isolation. This dynamic is based on a synergy between humans and intelligent machines.

For several years, innovation has been omnipresent and part of strategic matters. The word “innovation” is in the headlines of reports, articles and business media, and is also the subject of events, projects, think tanks, clubs and blogs. Several forums on social networks are devoted to its various facets. It is a global phenomenon.

This book introduces the concept of "e-co-innovation" which brings a better understanding of the successful transition from idea to reality and ultimate value. The motivation behind this book is to introduce a global and system overview of the subject, to present the various aspects of innovation from different angles and perspectives to finally bring the reader to an understanding of all ecosystem components, their metamorphoses, cross-influences and possible impacts on the balanced development of people, businesses, regions and countries.


1. Global Landscape of Innovation.
2. A Multi-faceted Innovation.
3. From Innovation to E-co-innovation.
4. Knowledge and Skills to E-co-innovate.
5. Knowledge Management – Collective Human-Machine Intelligence.
6. Innovating Technological Innovation.
7. Innovation for Territorial Development.
Inventing the Future.

About the authors/editors

Eunika Mercier-Laurent is a researcher at IEA Lyon in France as well as being the founder of an international enterprise dedicated to knowledge and innovation management, and the dissemination of a culture of innovation for the knowledge economy. She is also an expert for French and European institutions.