Global Consumer Behavior

Global Consumer Behavior

Edited by

Chantal Ammi, INT Evry, France

ISBN : 9781905209637

Publication Date : March 2007

Hardcover 304 pp

170.00 USD



Globalization is a leading force for industry worldwide, especially the new technology sector. This presents both problems and opportunities in the emergence of a new type of consumer and the effects of globalization on industry in terms of culture, economics, marketing and social issues at every scale from local to global.

The main aim of the book is to enhance the reader’s knowledge – especially from a multidisciplinary perspective rather than from an individual functional perspective – of international consumer behavior. It also explores the role of globalization in the evolving world of the new technology sector and provides an overview of the development of international consumer behavior from historical, geographical and social perspectives, while focusing on new technology products and services. Professionals, students and researchers working in the fields of new technologies and information and communication technologies (ICT) as well as specialists of marketing and management are the target audience for this book. At the same time, the book will be pitched at a level so as to also appeal to a more general readership interested in globalization.


1. Online travel agents selling to ethnic customers.
2. Consumer behavior in Asia.
3. Communication: global or local consumer?
4. Modeling the indicators of purchasing behavior toward counterfeits: an exploratory study in China.
5. Country of origin: perceptions of Portuguese consumers.
6. A new approach for maintaining service quality for global consumers.
7. Creating a locally meaningful global marketing message throughout the technology life cycle.
8. Key drivers of global consumer behaviour in online environments: the case of Spanish web users.
9. Effect of country of origin on consumer purchase behaviour: case study of India.
10. Technology adoption and consumer behavior.
11. The new improved Indian consumer.
12. The importance of women in the purchase of durable products: case study of Tunisia
Globalization and consumer behavior in India: a case study of cell phone users.
13. The cultural impact of changes of consumption: Lithuanian and Bulgarian cases.
14. Cultural diversity: a new approach of management.

About the authors/editors

Chantal Ammi is a Professor at the National Institute of Telecommunications, Evry, France.