Sustainable Production System

Eco-development versus Sustainable Development

Volume 26 - Smart Innovation SET Coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Sustainable Production System

Clément Morlat, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786303325

Publication Date : March 2020

Hardcover 310 pp

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Wealth is no longer just an ability to live well in a world shaped by human activities. It is also an ability to push back or defer the limits of a world in biological and climatic closure. This book examines the theoretical conflicts and the power plays which often oppose the socio-political and technical-financial practices of recognition of what intervenes in the production of this wealth – i.e. of what has value. It lays down the principles of a contributory modeling method, allowing debates around the concept of development; the building of scenarios; the negotiation of their implementation; and a cross-sectoral reading of their social, ecological and economic costs.

This method, called Dynamic Modeling of Cost Systems, is based on a territorial communication device which articulates political, contractual and accounting innovations using deliberative and normative digital tools. It combines different local representations of value, in order to approach wealth through an integrated analysis of micro-, meso- and macro- issues.


1. Economics and Imbalances.
2. Information Structures Production.
3. Communication Renews Rationalities.
4. Accounting: The Figure in Dialogue.
5. Contractualizing: The Value in Act.
6. Development, Changing the Compass and the Map.

About the authors/editors

Clément Morlat holds a PhD in Economics. Before his present vocation of addressing ecological economics, he studied biology, environmental sciences and management. Currently, he works on sustainable territorial governance, accounting and collective representation of values. In this work, he promotes a contributory and deliberative use of digital tools.