Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

Edited by

J. Paulo Davim, University of Aveiro, Portugal

ISBN : 9781848212121

Publication Date : March 2010

Hardcover 256 pp

107.00 USD



According to the NACFAM (National Council for Advanced Manufacturing –USA) Sustainable Manufacturing is defined “as the creation of manufactured products that use processes that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically sound and safe for employees, communities, and consumers.” The book covers some aspects of Sustainable Manufacturing such as materials and manufacturing for renewable energies; clean manufacturing technology; ecological manufacturing; energy-efficient manufacturing; remanufacturing; recycling of materials; environmentally conscious design and manufacturing processes; sustainable advanced manufacturing systems; manufacturability in sustainable product design; education and training for sustainable manufacturing, etc.


1. Environmental Impact in Micro-device Manufacturing, Jong-Leng Liow.
2. Cutting Tool Sustainability, Viktor P. Astakhov.
3. Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Machining, Vinayak N. Gaitonde, Ramesh S. Karnik and J. Paulo Davim.
4. Application of Minimum Quantity Lubrication, Eduardo Carlos Bianchi, Paulo Roberto de Aguiar, Leonardo Roberto da Silva and Rubens Chinali Canarim.
5. Single-Point Incremental Forming, Maria Beatriz Silva, Niels Bay and Paulo A.F. Martins.
6. Molding of Spent Rubber from Tire Recycling, Fabrizio Quadrini, Alessandro Guglielmotti, Carmine Lucignano and Vincenzo Tagliaferri.

About the authors/editors

J. Paulo Davim is Aggregate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Aveiro, Portugal and is Head of MACTRIB (Machining and Tribology Research Group). His main research interests include machining/manufacturing processes and tribology/surface engineering.