Mechanical Engineering Education

Mechanical Engineering Education

Edited by

J. Paulo Davim, University of Aveiro, Portugal

ISBN : 9781848213814

Publication Date : October 2012

Hardcover 192 pp

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Mechanical Engineering is defined nowadays as a discipline “which involves the application of principles of physics, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems”. Recently, mechanical engineering has also focused on some cutting-edge subjects such as nanomechanics and nanotechnology, mechatronics and robotics, computational mechanics, biomechanics, alternative energies, as well as aspects related to sustainable mechanical engineering. This book covers mechanical engineering higher education with a particular emphasis on quality assurance and the improvement of academic institutions, mechatronics education and the transfer of knowledge between university and industry.


1. Quality Assurance in Greek HEIs: Convergence or Divergence with European Models?, Nikolaos M. Vaxevanidis.
2. Mechatronics Education, Uday Shanker Dixit.
3. Mechatronics Educational System Using Multiple Mobile Robots with Behavior-Based Control Approach, Fusaomi Nagata, Keigo Watanabe and Maki K. Habib.
4. Knowledge Transfer between; University and Industry: Development of a Vision Measuring System, Joao M.G. Figueiredo.

About the authors/editors

J. Paulo Davim is Aggregate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Aveiro, Portugal and is Head of MACTRIB (Machining and Tribology Research Group). His main research interests include manufacturing, materials and mechanical engineering