Open Innovation: Human Set-up

Volume 10 - Innovation and Technology SET Coordinated by Chantal Ammi

Open Innovation: Human Set-up

Pascal Latouche, University of Paris-Saclay, France

ISBN : 9781786305756

Publication Date : November 2020

Hardcover 266 pp

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By paying attention to entrepreneurs, we can see that the entrepreneurial process is an exciting project that lasts a lifetime. But it won’t always be easy! For entrepreneurs, winning clients can often mean working with or for large groups and organizations (“corporate”, “companies” and “institutions”).
For over five years, these “companies” have been implementing open innovation programs and capitalizing on start-ups. But it is not easy! For those who participate in such programs – both internal corporate employees and external entrepreneurs – it requires extraordinary commitment to go beyond their usual mindsets, behaviors and actions, in short, to manage their interactions.

This book aims to explicitly describe the daily skills that need to be implemented to transform these One To One, and One to Many, interactions into tangible (business partnerships) and intangible (satisfaction within the relationship) value.

The conclusions reached will broaden the scope beyond the world of business. Indeed, the place of the human being in any system (personal, as well as professional) is essential. It has to be found in order for them to move forward and generate value. Overall, we are questioning our behavior towards others.


Part 1. Multiple Journeys
1. Mr. José Jacques Gustave, the Global Entrepreneur!
2. Mrs. Cindy Dorkenoo, No Destiny, Only What She Does!
3. Mrs. Elodie Sarfati, a Brownian Journey!
4. Mrs. Chrystèle Sanon, “A Schizophrenic Who Treats Herself?”
5. Mr. Christophe Vattier, the Lucky Rebel!
6. Mrs. Lise Bellavoine, When Entrepreneurship Becomes an Art!
7. Ms. Laura Nordin, the Paradigm Shift?

Part 2. Marrying Two “Mindsets”
8. Effectuation Vs. Causation.
9. One Stage, Two Headliners.
10. Two Ecosystems.

Part 3. The Mysteries of the Profession
11. Skills and Influences.
12. Useful Resources.
13. Operation Principles.

About the authors/editors

Pascal Latouche received his PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Paris-Saclay, France, and is an innovation professional both in France and internationally. He has twenty-five years of experience in the management of start-up programs, organizational transformation and strategic and operational marketing and communication. His research focuses on the operational applications of open innovation.