Innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Volume 8 - Innovation and Technology Set Coordinated by Chantal Ammi

Innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Edited by

Estelle Pellegrin-Boucher, University of Montpellier, France
Pierre Roy, University of Montpellier, France

ISBN : 9781786303790

Publication Date : November 2019

Hardcover 214 pp

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Technological innovations, sociological and consumer trends, and growing internationalization are transforming the cultural and creative industries (CCIs). These changes present new challenges for CCIs that require original and inventive answers.

Innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries analyzes the powerful strategies put in place by CCI organizations such as Nintendo, the Lascaux Cave and Daft Punk. The case studies presented in this book cover video games, books, music, museums, fashion, film and architecture. Each chapter is organized around five key points: a theoretical framework that focuses on a specific concept, a description of the methodological mechanism mobilized, a presentation of the industry concerned, the analysis of the innovative strategy and a recap of the lessons and best practices demonstrated by the case.


1. Nintendo in the Pursuit of the Blue Ocean, Pascal Aurégan and Albéric Tellier.
2. Omnichannel Innovations in the Bookstore Business: The Case of the Libraires Ensemble Group, Carole Poirel.
3. The Innovative Business Model of Daft Punk, Alexandre Perrin.
4. Innovation through Visitor Experience in Museums: The Case of the Lascaux Caves, Juliette Passebois-Ducros.
5. Tale Me, Green Innovation for the Textile Industry, Arthur Caré.
6. Identity for Innovation: The Strategies of Cinema Sites, Ève Lamendour.
7. Coopetition Between Architects: Designing Innovative Projects with Competitors, Estelle Pellegrin-Boucher and Pierre Roy.

About the authors/editors

Estelle Pellegrin-Boucher is a Senior Lecturer authorized to direct research at the University of Montpellier, France. Her main areas of research are coopetition strategies and managerial innovation.

Pierre Roy is a Lecturer in strategy and management at the University of Montpellier. His research mainly concerns competitive strategies in the cultural and creative industries (cinema, architecture, online streaming, etc.).