Traffic Safety

Research for Innovative Transports Set - Volume 4

Traffic Safety

Edited by

George Yannis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
Simon Cohen, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France

ISBN : 9781786300300

Publication Date : May 2016

Hardcover 416 pp

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Transport systems are facing an impossible dilemma: satisfy an increasing demand for mobility of people and goods, while decreasing their fossil-energy requirements and preserving the environment. Additionally, transport has an opportunity to evolve in a changing world, with new services, technologies but also new requirements (fast delivery, reliability, improved accessibility).

The subject of traffic is organized into two separate but complementary volumes: Volume 3 on Traffic Management and Volume 4 on Traffic Safety.

Traffic Safety, Volume 4 of the Research for Innovative Transports Set, presents a collection of updated papers from the TRA 2014 Conference, highlighting the diversity of research in this field. Theoretical chapters and practical case studies address topics such as road safety management and policies, accident analysis and modeling, vulnerable road users' safety, road infrastructure safety, ITS and railway safety.


1. Analysis of Road Safety Management Systems in Europe, Nicole Muhlrad, Gilles Vallet, Ilona Butler, Victoria Gitelman, Etti Doveh, Emmanuelle Dupont, Heike Martensen, Pete Thomas, Rachel Talbot, Eleonora Papadimitriou, George Yannis, Luca Persia, Gabriele Giustiniani, Klaus Machata and Charlotte Bax.
2. Conceptualizing Road Safety Management through a Territorialized Complex System: Context and Goals, Thierry Saint-Gérand, Mohand Medjkane, Abdelkrim Bensaid, Dominique Fleury, Jean-François Peytavin, Eliane Propeck-Zimmermann and Maroua Bouzid.
3. Development of the European Road Safety Knowledge System, George Yannis, Pete Thomas, Nicole Muhlrad, Heike Martensen, Emmanuelle Dupont, Letty Aarts, Petros Evgenikos and Eleonora Papadimitriou.
4. Structural Time Series Modeling of the Number of Fatalities in Poland in Relation to Economic Factors, Ruth Bergel-Hayat and Joanna Zukowska.
5. Risk of Road Traffic Injuries for Pedestrians, Cyclists, Car Occupants and Powered Two-Wheel Users, based on a Road Trauma Registry and Travel Surveys, Rhône, France, Stéphanie Blaizot, Francis Papon, Mohamed Mouloud Haddak and Emmanuelle Amoros.
6. Development of Safety Performance Functions for Two-Lane Rural First-Class Main Roads in Hungary, Attila Borsos, John N. Ivan and Gyula Orosz.
7. Mobility and Safety of Powered Two-Wheelers in OECD Countries, Pierre Van Elslande, Veronique Feypell-De La Beaumelle, James Holgate, Kris Redant, Hélène De Solère, Dimitris Margaritis, George Yannis, Eleonora Papadimitriou, Saskia De Craen, Lars Inge Haslie, Juan Muguiro and Per-Olov Grummas Granström.
8. Comparison of Car Drivers’ and Motorcyclists’ Drink Driving in 19 Countries: Results from the SARTRE 4 Survey, Julien Cestac, Cécile Barbier, Gian-Marco Sardi, Richard Freeman, Sami Kraïem and Jean-Pascal Assailly.
9. Trajectories of Multiple People in Crowds Using Laser Range Scanner, Ladji Adiaviakoye, Patrick Plainchault, Marc Bourcerie and Jean-Michel Auberlet.
10. Safety of Urban Cycling: A Study on Perceived and Actual Dangers, Anita Graser, Michael Aleksa, Markus Straub, Peter Saleh, Stephan Wittmann and Gernot Lenz.
11. Speed Distribution and Traffic Safety Measures, Anna Vadeby and Åsa Forsman.
12. Ex-ante Assessment of a Speed Limit Reducing Operation – A Data-driven Approach, Maurice Aron, Régine Seidowsky and Simon Cohen.
13. Development of a Guideline for the Selection of Vehicle Restraint Systems – Identification of the Key Selection Parameters, Francesca La Torre, Ceki Erginbas, Robert Thomson, Giuseppina Amato, Bine Pengal, Peter Saleh, Chris Britton and Kris Redant.
14. For the Vision of “Zero Accidents at Intersections”: A Challenge between Road Safety and Capacity, Jean Emmanuel.
15. Safety Inspection and Management of the Road Network in Operation, Salvatore Cafiso, Alessandro Di Graziano, Grazia La Cava and Giuseppina Pappalardo.
16. Improving Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users Through ITS Applications, Johan Scholliers, Daniel Bell, Andrew Morris, Alejandra Beatriz García Meléndez and Oscar Martin Perez.
17. Experimentation with the PRESERVE VSS and the Score@F System, Rim Moalla, Brigitte Lonc, Gerard Segarra, Marcello Laguna, Panagiotis Papadimitratos, Jonathan Petit and Houda Labiod.
18. Safety Bus Routing for the Transportation of Pupils to School, Eleni Chalkia, Josep Maria Salanova Grau, Evangelos Bekiaris, Georgia Ayfandopoulou, Chiara Ferarini and Evangelos Mitsakis.
19. Spreading Awareness of Traffic Safety through Web Application, Miha Ambrož, Jernej Korinšek and Ivan Prebil.
20. Overview of Freight Train Derailments in the EU: Causes, Impacts, Prevention and Mitigation Measures, Cristian Ulianov, François Defossez, Gordana Vasic Franklin and Mark Robinson.
21. A Risk Assessment Tool for Public Transportation, Andrea Soehnchen and Mihai Barcanescu.
22. The GETAWAY Project – Improving Passenger Evacuation Techniques in Railway Stations (and Other Transport Hubs), Paul Bryant and Christos Giachritsis.
23. Interpretive Structural Modeling of Security Systems for Better Security Management in Railways, Anoop Srivastava, Sanjeev Swami and Devender Banwet.

About the authors/editors

George Yannis is Professor in traffic safety and management and head of the department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. He has contributed extensively in several research projects and scientific committees of the European Commission and other international organisations (UN/ECE, OECD, WHO, CEDR, ERF, ETSC), having published more than 350 scientific papers (110 in scientific journals) widely cited worldwide.

Simon Cohen is senior researcher at IFSTTAR and Professor at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in France. He is director of the French Abertis chair in transport infrastructure management. Much of his career has been in the field of transportation research. His work focuses mainly on the area of advanced traffic management and intelligent transport systems (ITS) for road networks.

Set Coordinator: Bernard Jacob, chair of the Programme Committee of TRA2014, is deputy scientific director for transport, infrastructures and safety with IFSTTAR. His research works are in bridge and road safety, traffic loads on bridges, heavy vehicles and weigh-in-motion. He is Professor at Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat in France, and President of the International Society for WIM (ISWIM).