Traffic Management

Research for Innovative Transports Set - Volume 3

Traffic Management

Edited by

Simon Cohen, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France
George Yannis, University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

ISBN : 9781786300287

Publication Date : May 2016

Hardcover 378 pp

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Transport systems are facing an impossible dilemma: satisfy an increasing demand for mobility of people and goods, while decreasing their fossil-energy requirements and preserving the environment. Additionally, transport has an opportunity to evolve in a changing world, with new services, technologies but also new requirements (fast delivery, reliability, improved accessibility).

The subject of traffic is organized into two separate but complementary volumes: Volume 3 on Traffic Management and Volume 4 on Traffic Safety.

Traffic Management, Volume 3 of the Research for Innovative Transports Set, presents a collection of updated papers from the TRA 2014 Conference, highlighting the diversity of research in this field. Theoretical chapters and practical case studies address topics such as cooperative systems, the global approach in modeling, road and railway traffic management, information systems and impact assessment.


1. A Review of Statewide Traffic Data Collection, Processing, Projection and Quality Control, Rafiqul Tarefder and James Brogan.
2. SYNCRO – An Innovative Public Procurement of an Advanced Data Gathering System for Interurban Roads Based on its Technologies, Jean-Christophe Maisonobe, Jean Daniel Demond, Giannicola Marengo, Dolores Adamski, Diego Albesano and Olivier Latouille.
3. Tailoring a Reference Model for C-ITS Architectures and Using a DATEX II Profile to Communicate Traffic Signal Information, Jörg Freudenstein and Ian Cornwell.
4. Sensor City Mobility: The City of Assen as a “Living Lab” for Smart Mobility Solutions Using Sensor Data, Jan Burgmeijer, Janiek De Kruijff, Ernst Jan Van Ark, Gerdien Klunder and Diana Vonk Noordegraaf.
5. Forecasting Capabilities of a Micro-Simulation Method for Trip Generation, Jorge Delgado and Patrick Bonnel Cabrera.
6. Modeling and Solving International Journey Planning Problems, Konstantinos N. Androutsopoulos and Konstantinos G. Zografos.
7. Optimized Intermodal Roundtrips in Transport Networks, Cecília Vale and Isabel Ribeiro.
8. Modeling Traffic Hindrance Caused by Road Construction as Part of a Multicriteria Assessment Framework, Eric Van Berkum and Henny Ter Huerne.
9. Behavioral Responses to Traffic Congestion – Findings from Paris, São Paulo and Mumbai, Gaele Lesteven.
10. Empirical Analysis of Lane Changing Behavior at a Freeway Weaving Section, Florian Marczak, Winnie Daamen and Christine Buisson.
11. Applying and Testing a New Generation Traffic Management with Multi-objectives, Martijn De Kievit and Yusen Chen.
12. ON-TIME: A Framework for Integrated Railway Network Operation Management, Thomas Albrecht, and Meena Dasigi.
13. A Multi-Lane Capacity Model Designed for Variable Speed Limit Applications, Aurélien Duret.
14. Evaluation Parameters of Re-routing Strategy, Vladimir Zyryanov and Anastasia Feofilova.
15. Pre-Trip Road Information Impact Assessment: A Literature Review, Sylvain Belloche, Charlotte Pierrefeu and Caroline Sorand.
16. Transferability Study on Full-scale Implementation of Real-time Passenger Information, Mitja KlemencIc, Vlasta Rodošek, Marko Celan and Marjan Lep.
17. Excess Commuting and Commuting Economy: Peak and Off-Peak Variation in Travel Efficiency Measures, Enda MURPHY.
18. Deployment of Interoperable Cross-Border Multimodal Traveler Information in Central Europe, Gerhard Menzel, Martin Böhm and Katharina Zwick.
19. The Impacts of Cooperative Traffic Systems on Safety, Environment and Travel Times: A Literature Survey, Isabela Mocanu, Philippe Nitsche and Kerry Malone.
20. The Impact of Navigation Support and Traffic Information on Distance-keeping Behavior, Aikaterini Touliou, Evangelia Gaitanidou and Evangelos Bekiaris.
21. Impact Evaluation of Traffic Performance and Road Safety: A Case Study on an Urban Motorway in France, Simon Cohen and Zoi Christoforou.
22. Assessment of the Main New Travel-times Calculation Technologies on Lyon East Ring Road, Eric Purson, Alexis Bacelar, Eric Klein, Bruno Levilly and Fabrice Reclus.
23. Rail Externalities: Assessing the Social Cost of Rail Congestion, María Pérez Herrero, Julien Brunel and Gregoire Marlot.

About the authors/editors

Simon Cohen is senior researcher at IFSTTAR and Professor at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in France. He is director of the French Abertis chair in transport infrastructure management. Much of his career has been in the field of transportation research. His work focuses mainly on the area of advanced traffic management and intelligent transport systems (ITS) for road networks.

George Yannis is Professor in traffic safety and management and head of the department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. He has contributed extensively in several research projects and scientific committees of the European Commission and other international organizations (UN/ECE, OECD, WHO, CEDR, ERF, ETSC), having published more than 350 scientific papers (110 in scientific journals) widely cited worldwide.

Set Coordinator: Bernard Jacob, chair of the Programme Committee of TRA2014, is deputy scientific director for transport, infrastructures and safety with IFSTTAR. His research works are in bridge and road safety, traffic loads on bridges, heavy vehicles and weigh-in-motion. He is Professor at Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat in France, and President of the International Society for WIM (ISWIM).