Management, Control and Evolution of IP Networks

Management, Control and Evolution of IP Networks

Edited by

Guy Pujolle, LIP6, University Paris VI, France

ISBN : 9781905209477

Publication Date : March 2007

Hardcover 674 pp

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Internet Protocols (IP) networks have, for a number of years, provided the basis for modern communication channels. However, the control and management of these networks needs to be extended so that the required Quality of Service can be achieved. Guy Pujolle starts by considering the various aspects of Quality of Service and goes on to look at the evolution of IP networks. Topics include the improvement of addressing in IP version 6, enhanced security, the adaptation of video for the Internet and voice over IP. Information about new generations of IP networks is given, covering the future of pervasive networks (that is networks that are always present), Wi-Fi, the control of mobility and improved Quality of Service, sensor networks, inter-vehicle communication and optical networks.


Part 1. Control of IP Networks
1. Introduction, Guy Pujolle.
2. Quality of Service: the basics, Benoît Campedel.
3. Quality of Service: mechanisms and protocols, Stéphane Lohier.
4. DiffServ: differentiated Quality of Service, Idir Fodil.
5. Quality of Service in Wi-Fi, Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, Anelise Munaretto and Hakima Chaouchi.
6. Quality of Service: policy-based control, Thi Mai Trang Nguyen.
7. Inter-domain Quality of Service, Mauro Fonseca.
Part 2. The Evolution of IP Networks
8. An introduction to evolution in the world of IP, Guy Pujolle.
9. New Generation Internet, IPv6, Idir Fodil.
10. Addressing in IP networks, Julien Rotrou and Julien Ridoux.
11. Network management on the basis of service level agreements (SLA), Issam Aib and Belkacem Daheb.
12. New approaches in the management and control of new generation IP networks, Yacine Ghamri-Doudane.
13. Internet security, Vedat Yilmaz.
14. Security protocols for the Internet, Idir Fodil.
15. A secure infrastructure for the pervasive virtual office, Laurent Ciarletta and Abderrahim Benslimane.
16. Security based on smart cards, Vincent Guyot.
17. Video adaptation on the Internet, Nadjib Achir.
18. Voice over IP, Guy Pujolle.
19. Wireless voice over IP, Laurent Ouakil.
Part 3. The Next Generation of IP Networks
20. Pervasive networks, Sidi-Mo Senouci.
21. Wi-Fi/IEEE 802.11, Denis Beautier.
22. Mobility and Quality of Service, Hakima Chaouchi.
23. Sensor networks, Paulo Goncalves.
24. Mobile ad hoc networks: inter-vehicle geocast, Abderrahim Benslimane and Abdelmalik Bachir.
25. Pervasive networks: today and tomorrow,Guy Pujolle.
26. Optical networks, Nizar Bouabdallah.
27. Application of MPLS to optical networks, Wissam Fawaz and Belkacem Daheb.

About the authors/editors

Guy Pujolle is currently a Professor at the University of Paris VI and member of the Scientific Council of France Telecom Group. He is chairman of the IFIP Working Group 6.2 on "Network and Internetwork Architectures". A pioneer in high-speed networking, he led the development of the first Gbit/s network to be tested in 1980. Guy Pujolle is editor for the International Journal of Network Management, ACM WINET, Telecommunication Systems, Ad Hoc Networks Journal and IEEE Tutorial & Survey. As well as this, he is co-founder and member of the Scientific Council of QoSMOS, Ucopia Communications and

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