Linear Systems

Linear Systems

Henri Bourlès, CNAM, France

ISBN : 9781848211629

Publication Date : June 2010

Hardcover 592 pp

165.00 USD



Linear systems have all the necessary elements (modeling, identification, analysis and control), from an educational point of view, to help us understand the discipline of automation and apply it efficiently. This book is progressive and organized in such a way that different levels of readership are possible. It is addressed both to beginners and those with a good understanding of automation wishing to enhance their knowledge on the subject. The theory is rigorously developed and illustrated by numerous examples which can be reproduced with the help of appropriate computation software. 60 exercises and their solutions are included to enable the readers to test and enhance their knowledge.


1. Physical Models.
2. Systems Theory (I).
3. Open-Loop Systems.
4. Closed-Loop Systems.
5. Compensation and PID Controller.
6. RST Controller.
7. Systems Theory (II).
8. State Feedback.
9. Observers.
10. Discrete-Time Control.
11. Identification.
12. Appendix 1: Analysis.
13. Appendix 2 : Algebra.
14. Solutions of Exercises.

About the authors/editors

Henri Bourlès is a professor and holds the industrial automation chair at the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. He has been teaching automation for over 20 years in engineering and graduate schools.