The Digital Era 3

Customs and Practices

The Digital Era 3

Edited by

Jean-Pierre Chamoux, Paris-Cité University, France

ISBN : 9781786301925

Publication Date : October 2022

Hardcover 278 pp

165.00 USD



Over 200 years, industry has mastered iron, fire, power and energy. Today, electronics shape our everyday objects with the widespread integration of chips; from computers and telephones to keys, games and white goods. Data, software and computation structure our behavior and the organization of our lives. Everything is translated into data: the digit is king.

Consisting of three volumes, The Digital Era explores technical, economic and social phenomena that result from the generalization of the Internet.

This third volume studies the creative destruction and societal issues caused by digital technology, modifying and redefining morals, conventions, law, society and politics in their entirety. The Digital Era 3 deals, in particular, with connected objects and robots, algorithms, the digitization of health, cybercurrencies, network neutrality, privacy, the right to be forgotten and state surveillance.


Part 1. Social Issues: Textbook Cases
1. From Connected Objects to Robots, Paul Salaün.
2. A Textbook Case: Regulating Algorithms, Florian Saürwein, Natasha Just and Michael Latzer.
3. Digital Health: Foresight for French-speaking Switzerland, Sylvaine Mercuri Chapuis and Thomas Gauthier.
4. From the Eurodollar to Cybercurrencies: Nature and Scope of Monetary Disruption, Jean-Pierre Chamoux, Gérard Dréan and Henri Lepage.

Part 2. Political Issues: Evolution of Failure?
5. Variations on Network Neutrality, Paul Salaün.
6. State Surveillance: How Much is Too Much?, Pierre Schweitzer.
7. The Right to be Forgotten, Michel José Reymond.
8. Computers and Privacy, the Test of Time, Michel José Reymond and Jean-Pierre Chamoux.
9. Epilogue: Security Delusion or Scandinavian Common Sense? Ejan Mackaay and Jean-Pierre Chamoux.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Pierre Chamoux is Emeritus Professor at Paris-Cité University in France. He has advised France, The World Bank and Europe in leading telecommunications operators towards the digital era. Professor Chamoux also chairs the Comité Jean Fourastié.