The Digital Era 1

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The Digital Era 1

Edited by

Jean-Pierre Chamoux, Paris Descartes University, France

ISBN : 9781848217362

Publication Date : April 2018

Hardcover 264 pp

145.00 USD



Over 200 years, industry has mastered iron, fire, power and energy. Today, electronics shape our everyday objects with the widespread integration of chips; from computers and telephones to keys, games and white goods. Data, software and computation structure our behavior and the organization of our lives. Everything is translated into data: the digit is king.

This book is the first of a three-volume series exploring the digital era. It analyzes the challenges associated with the big data that accumulates on online platforms, keeping records of our actions and movements, as well as the state of the world and of knowledge. The book initially explores whether the omnipresence of digital tools leads to radical changes or progressive evolutions. Specific examples of the integration of such tools are then explored to illustrate tactical or strategic challenges that characterize the contemporary digital world.

Volume 2 focuses on how the digital economy transforms market relations and why this puts the political economy to the test, while Volume 3 studies the creative destruction caused by digital technology, modifying morals, conventions, law, society and politics.


Part 1. What’s New and Why?
1. Digital Omnipresence: Its Causes and Consequences, Jean-Pierre Chamoux.
2. Mathematical Culture and Massive Data, Jean Dhombres.
3. From Sample to Big Data: Competing or Complementary Paradigms?, Philippe Tassi.
4. Researching Forms and Correlations: the Big Data Approach, Gilles Santini.
5. Bitcoin: an Innovative System, Gérard Dréan.

Part 2. Tactics and Strategies
6.Bitcoin and Other Cyber-currency, Gérard Dréan.
7.Health and Care: Digital Challenges, Isabelle Hilali.
8. Access to Health Data: Debates and Controversies in France, Joumana Boustany, Gabriella Salzano and Christian Bourret.
9. Artificial Intelligence: Utopia or Progress?, Jean-Pierre Chamoux.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Pierre Chamoux is Emeritus Professor at Paris Descartes University in France. He has advised France, The World Bank and Europe in leading telecommunications towards the digital era and is chair of the Comité Jean Fourastié.