The Digital Era 2

Political Economy Revisited

The Digital Era 2

Edited by

Jean-Pierre Chamoux, Paris Descartes University, France

ISBN : 9781786301918

Publication Date : January 2019

Hardcover 250 pp

145.00 USD



Over 200 years, industry has mastered iron, fire, power and energy. Today, electronics shape our everyday objects with the widespread integration of chips; from computers and telephones to keys, games and white goods. Data, software and computation structure our behavior and the organization of our lives. Everything is translated into data: the digit is king.

Consisting of three volumes, The Digital Era explores technical, economic and social phenomena that result from the generalization of the Internet.
This second volume discusses the impact of digital technology on the evolution of market relations and the media and examines the reasons why such changes put political economy to the test.


Part 1. A Disruptive Economy
1. Companies: the Great Transformation, Godefroy Dang N’Guyen.
2. Media: Innovation, Self-production, Creativity, Jean-Paul Simon.
3. New Intermediaries: Extra-territorial Platforms, Stéphane Grumbach.

Part 2. New Perspectives
4. The Collaborative Economy: What Are We Talking About?, Godefroy Dang N’Guyen.
5. Towards a Post-industrialiconomy, Michel Volle.
6. The Chips Industry: Moore and Rock’s Laws, Gérard Dréan.
7. Measuring and Compiling Wealth, Jean-Pierre Chamoux.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Pierre Chamoux is Emeritus Professor at Paris Descartes University in France. He has advised France, The World Bank and Europe in leading telecommunications towards the digital era and is chair of the Comité Jean Fourastié.