Reliability of Nuclear Power Plants

Methods, Data and Applications

Volume 14 - Reliability of Multiphysical Systems SET by Abdelkhalak El Hami

Reliability of Nuclear Power Plants

Edited by

André Lannoy, IMdR Product Commission, France

ISBN : 9781786307613

Publication Date : November 2022

Hardcover 298 pp

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Since the 1970s, the field of industrial reliability has evolved significantly, in part due to the design and early operation of the first generation nuclear power plants. Indeed, the needs of this sector have led to the development of specific and innovative reliability methods, which have since been taken up and adapted by other industrial sectors, leading to the development of the management of uncertainties and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems.

In this industry, reliability assessment approaches have matured. There are now methods, data and tools available that can be used with confidence for many industrial applications. The purpose of this book is to present and illustrate them with real study cases. The book addresses the evolution of reliability methods, experience feedback and expertise (as data is essential for estimating reliability), the reliability of socio-technical systems and probabilistic safety assessments, the structural reliability and probabilistic models in mechanics, the reliability of equipment and the impact of maintenance on their behavior, human and organizational factors and the impact of big data on reliability. Finally, some R&D perspectives that can be developed in the future are presented.

Written by several engineers, statisticians and human and organizational factors specialists in the nuclear sector, this book is intended for all those who are faced with a reliability assessment of their installations or equipment: decision-makers, engineers, designers, operation or maintenance engineers, project managers, human and organizational factors specialists, experts and regulatory authority inspectors, teachers, researchers and doctoral students.


1. Aims and Introduction, André Lannoy.
2. Input Data: Operation Feedback and Expertise, André Lannoy and Emmanuel Remy.
3. The Principales of Calculating Reliability in Level 1 PSAs, Marc Bouissou.
4. Structural Reliability: General Presentation, Applications for Nuclear Power Plants, Emmanuel Ardillon.
5. Probalistic and Statistical Modeling for the Reliability of Industrial Equipment, Emmanuel Remy.
6. The Human and Organizational Dimensions of Reliability and Nuclear Safety, Nicolas Dechy, Yves Dien and Jean-François Vautier.
7. From Too Little to Too Much: The Impact of Big Data, André Lannoy and Emmanuel Remy.
8. Conclusions and Prospects, André Lannoy.

About the authors/editors

André Lannoy is an engineer-researcher, doctor in detonics, former scientific advisor at EDF R&D and author or co-author of many books, articles and communications. He also chairs the IMdR (Institut pour la Maîtrise des Risques) product commission, France, and is an honorary member of the European Safety, Reliability & Data Association.