The RRI Challenge

Responsibilization in a State of Tension with Market Regulation

Volume 3 - Innovation and Responsibility SET Coordinated by Robert Gianni and Bernard Reber

The RRI Challenge

Blagovesta Nikolova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

ISBN : 9781786301420

Publication Date : May 2019

Hardcover 254 pp

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This book explores the prospects of innovation governance within the context of the growing uneasiness surrounding the effects, democratic deficits and overall societal adequacy of techno-scientific progress. There is a focus on the recently promoted notion of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and some light is shed on the inevitable impediments of its meaningful implementation with respect to the normative structure of contemporary market societies. A particular matter of concern is the normative interlock between science and the market around the notion of neutrality, and the narrowing room for ethics reflexivity.

The RRI Challenge outlines avenues for further conceptualization so that RRI can fulfil its emancipatory potential as social critique. This involves challenging the current politico-economic framework of the knowledge-creation process, and re-examining key conceptual dyads in innovation governance such as: governance/government, hard law/soft law, risk/fault, uncertainty/indeterminacy and morality/ethics.


1. RRI as Social Critique: Achievements and Drawbacks.
2. Responsibility and the Future.
3. EU Governance of RTD and the Market.
4. EU Institutional Rationality on RRI.
5. Ethics and the RRI Promise.
6. Responsibilization in Tension with Market Regulation.

About the authors/editors

Blagovesta Nikolova is Assistant Professor at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her research interests include responsible innovation, futures studies and governance of the global commons.