Strategic Intelligence for the Future 2

A New Information Function Approach

Strategic Intelligence for the Future 2

Alain Juillet, Académie de l’Intelligence Economique, France
Philippe Clerc, CCI France

ISBN : 9781786303905

Publication Date : April 2019

Hardcover 242 pp

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Information in all its forms is at the heart of the economic intelligence process. It is also a powerful vector of innovation and, more than ever, a balance between economic and societal forces.

That is why a large part of Strategic Intelligence for the Future 2 analyzes the various aspects of information, from traditional processing and research to the psychological and epigenetic aspects of its development. This leads to a new vision of its integration into organizations. In addition, new technologies offer extensive access to information, including social networks which are critically analyzed here.

In a complex world where geopolitics and the new concept of information warfare are becoming increasingly important, it becomes imperative to better apprehend and understand our environment, in order to develop critical thinking that will reinforce the different global aspects of security in economic intelligence.


1. From Information Metabolism to Economic Intelligence.
2. Changing Our Way of Thinking.
3. Innovation.
4. Formal Information Research.
5. Examples of Bibliometric Analysis of Scientific Information and Patents.
6. Social Networks.
7. Information and Economic Security.

About the authors/editors

Henri Dou is Chairman of the CIWORLDWIDE think tank and an international consultant. He has developed teaching and research in technology intelligence, competitive intelligence, patent analysis and regional development.

Alain Juillet is President of the Académie de l’Intelligence Economique and an international consultant. His expertise is recognized in geopolitics, crisis management, influence, intelligence and security at an international level.

Philippe Clerc is President of the Association Internationale Francophone d’Intelligence Economique and an expert advisor in international economic intelligence at CCI France.