Embarrassment of Product Choices 2

Towards a Society of Well-being

Embarrassment of Product Choices 2

Michel Millot, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786303448

Publication Date : January 2019

Hardcover 240 pp

135.00 USD



Product information is excessively commercial and technical. There is no single best product for all, and the price/quality ratio can be deceptive. Word of mouth is growing with opinions shared on the internet. This book calls for the reinvention of a new economy based on real requirements, not only for profit or “technology” but for qualities of use and the environment.

A product’s use is its purpose. An innovation must always be an improvement to qualities of use. The emergence of new technologies, such as connected objects and the autonomous car, form a new trap for innovation, and progress has been limited to the perfection of technique. Marketing must no longer confuse the consumer (the customer) and the user. Complete with methodology for the reader to follow, this book describes how the ecology of use can become the main wealth of an economy based on quality of life and well-being.


1. Understanding the Economic World.
2. Cultural Approach.
3. What Information Do We Need to Pick the Right Product?
Appendix 1. Information Sheet on Toys.
Appendix 2. Information System for Products – CCI.
Appendix 3. The Risks of Domestic Accidents Related to Products and Equipment.
Appendix 4. User Impairment: Risks and Difficulties.
Appendix 5. Information Sheet on Products.
Appendix 6. Interior Space for Showering while Standing Up or Sitting Down.
Appendix 7. Information Sheet on Products.
Appendix 8. Study on Vacuum Cleaners.
Appendix 9. Facades of Appliances (CaseStudy).
Appendix 10. Shower Heads: What Sprays and Handles to Choose?

About the authors/editors

Michel Millot is the founder of Millot Design, France. He studied Industrial Design at the Ulm School of Design, Germany, and developed the product information system at the Georges Pompidou Center. At Camif, France, he tests, analyzes and compares products. At ENSAD, France, he is Professor of Industrial Design. He is the President of ISUC, France, and a Consultant in Design and Marketing at Eurodesign.