Embarrassment of Product Choices 1

How to Consume Differently

Embarrassment of Product Choices 1

Michel Millot, Consultant

ISBN : 9781786303110

Publication Date : September 2018

Hardcover 210 pp

135.00 USD



Product information is far too commercial (labels, publicity, websites, sellers, etc.) and too technical (product descriptions, trade press, laboratory measures, etc.). This information is practically always scattered, heterogeneous and incomplete.

The power of disinformation is not something to be taken lightly – on the contrary, unable to avoid scams and product disinformation, the consumer–customer is often the victim of the economic necessity of companies.

There is a difference between the reality of a product’s qualities of use and environment, and the perception that the client has of it. We would like to trust word-of-mouth and the advice of friends but, due to the amplification of false information through the Internet and social media, their information is usually false.

For this reason, when choosing a product, we must learn how to navigate the overload of useless information as well as the deceiving disinformation. The best choice or the best price/quality ratio also contains the risk of a bad choice.


1. The Power of Words.
2. Temptation.
3. Belief and Respect.
4. Marketing and Lies.
5. Pleasing, Enjoying and Being Successful.
6. The Powers that Be.
7. The Power of “Made inFrance”.
8. Seeing, Touching and Getting a Feel.
9. The Innovative Product of a Known Brand.
10. The Product Already Seen.
11. Buying Cheap.

About the authors/editors

Michel Millot is the founder of Millot Design, France. He studied Industrial Design at the Ulm School of Design, Germany, and developed the product information system at the Georges Pompidou Center. At Camif, France, he tests, analyzes and compares products. At ENSAD, France, he is Professor of Industrial Design. He is the President of ISUC, France, and a Consultant in Design and Marketing at Eurodesign.