Intuition, Creativity, Innovation

Intuition, Creativity, Innovation

Henri Samier, École des Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France

ISBN : 9781786302915

Publication Date : November 2018

Hardcover 172 pp

120.00 USD



This book explores the scientific perspective on the concept of intuition, particularly in relation to vibration, music and emotion. Taking a multimedia approach, it contains practical exercises that will help the reader to achieve greater intuition and develop their capacity for creativity and innovation.

The exercises in this book come from over a hundred workshops worldwide in both business and higher education. They include, for example, the “Mind Map of Me”, an introspective exercise designed to develop trust and confidence in the self and the reader’s own intuition.

The book opens the field of possibilities to the reader, offering encouragement and motivation to explore new approaches and techniques. With these tools, intuition can become a valuable ally in everyday life.


1. Understanding Intuition.
2. Exploring Our Intuition.
3. Releasing Our Intuition.
4. Developing Our Intuition: The “Mind Map of Me”.
5. Intuition and Creativity.
6. Intuition and Innovation.
7. Intuition and Management.

About the authors/editors

Henri Samier is a teacher in the ISTIA Innovation department at the University of Angers, and a researcher at the École des Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France. He leads conferences and workshops with companies on topics such as creative potential and management, rationality and intuition.